Commuter Rail meeting with DRM / SWR

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Commuter Rail
31 Aug 2012 10:15
31 Aug 2012 11:15

Meeting WIth DRM / SWR Bangalore Division

As new DRM Mr Anil Kumar Agarwal taken over from Mr Mani last month,  to update him on RITES report and regarding Train day which is beeing planned in Sept'2012.

Let us know who can make it even though this meeting is in  the morning


when is it?

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When is the meet? Syed @Android

Updation on DRM Meeting

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Hemanth & myself had talk with Mr Anil Kumar Agarwal / DRM on RITES report. 

Aug'2012,  RITES has given presentation to DRM / SWR.  He is aware of the  progress on Commuter Rail.  It looks like GoK is not clear on Binny Mill Land,  also who owns  that as on day.

Their are other alternative in case of Binny Mill Land not provided which were dicussed betn RITES & SWR.  So its GoK which is delaying further to take decision on Land & Project.

DRM is in favour of rolling out CRS with proper fare structure.  

After his meeting,  we met Mr Praveen Kumar Pandey / ADOM.  He is very hopefull of the CRS once GoK relases 150 / 200 Crore for Infrastructure & Rakes.  They will be able to run 40 additional services  to start off.  Its GoK has to come forward.  He  is also going thru the Traffic mess in Bangalore & he has exerienced 1st  hand worst things.

Also pushed for direct DEMU / MEMU Train to start from Kengeri / Bidadi to Whitefield        during 7 - 9 AM  to help IT peopel to travell. Looks like he will work on this.


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Thanks guys for the update. Time to get on GOK nerves now.

Engaging GoK

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So the Railways have put the ball in GoK's court! Wonder why it is so difficult for the biggest railways in the world to invest Rs150 crores? If it was a private organization with growth targets, they would have jumped at it.

We anyway need to keep both threads going.

With the election coming up, now may be a good time to get things done. May be meeting with Dy CM Ashoka who is in charge of Bengaluru is a good idea. Anybody with the right contacts with the Dy CM to make this happen? Any other leader we can approach..? Count me in for this meeting. Will try some channels too myself..