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Commuter Rail
26 Jan 2013 18:00
26 Jan 2013 20:00



Come Join in, Talk on Namma Railu !

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Mark your calendars for Jan 26th @ 6 PM for conversation on Namma Railu.

Please come join in numbers.

Looking for good dicussion and participation

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With more focus on Sustanability in living,  with Transport on PT,  lets share the details and gain from others too.

Namma Railu topic included is good thing,  looking forward to greater support and participation.

Are you planning to

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Are you planning to youstream/record  it? 

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"

Yes, take out time & make it

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Yes I will be their

location, anyone?

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Where on KH road is Jaaga located? It once used to be next door to TV-9 studio, facing the hockey stadium. Has it shifted?

Muralidhar Rao

location of Jaaga

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check the url

No 68, KH Double Road
Opp. Corporation Bank
Next to the K H Road Bus Stand

event update

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Prof Ashwin M started the talks with a good presentation on the city problems and the soltuions with real world examples

Rohan Kini and Das talked about cycling and its advantages

It was once again a nice presentation by Sanjeev on CRS. There were quite a few who were interested in it..

Incidentally what came out of the event was that even with all the news reports etc on commuter rail..the understanding of it is almost totally lacking amongst the majority in the city..

Lots needs to be done on creating awareness abt CRS for sure..


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Thanks for posting the event update. Agree, Awareness among general public is generally low on such plans, initiatives. I am sure it will be still low for Namma Railu campaign.

Do we know what percentage of population knows about 'Bus Day'?

BTW, SB and DVsquare is working a mass contact and awareness program for Namma Railu. Hopefully in coming days, we should see announcements on that front.

Once again, Thanks for update so quickly, even before Sanjeev reached home after the event.


Thanks Srinidhi making it and updating

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It was more of awarness session on susatanable transport and  seesion went well on different urban transports.

It was well organised by SATTVA group. Thanks to  them for organising this and  more then 60 people who were no aware on CRS were able to get insight into CRS.

thanks for the reports

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Thanks Sri and Sanjeev for sharing the reports on this event. Sanjeev - if possible, please put up the ppt you used.

Yes, DVS and I have signed up to execute a general awareness spreading campaign, slightly different from reaching out babus and 'influential' people.

Presentation on Namma Railu!

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Here is the copy of the presentation that was made at this event.