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Devegowda Petrol Bunk Flyover - Another Silkboard in the making ?

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A new flyover is being constructed at the Devegowda Petrol Bunk on the Outer Ring Road from Banagiri side to Kadirenahalli. Again, very poor planning just like many waste flyovers of Bangalore especially Silkboard. This is just similar to Silkboard addressing only 2 out of 12 combinations.

Some of the best implemented within Bangalore such as Domlur and Hebbal needs to be considered while designing flyovers. I don't know why the authorities have such a short sight and fool people causing inconvenience especially during construction and not yielding any fruitful results.


Planned flyover as of now



Routing all combinations

This flyover can utilize the space available on the southern size and can be built like Domlur.  Have a divider from North - South from PB Nagar towards Megamart not allowing vehicles to take any turn. Banagiri towards Padmanabhanagar can get down the flyover and loop around the firebrigage and KEB office like in a coverleaf interchange. One combination of right turn is addressed. Three additional ramps needed on southern end for addressing rest 3 right turn combination.

Without these combinations, this flyover is of not much use.

Question is whom to address this and get the design changed? South Bangaloreans, let us meetup the concerned authority and propose the changes.



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traffic study?

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Not sure if they are in any position to make changes now, since the works have been tendered out and started too..

However, it would be interesting to check on what traffic survey they have used to decide on the sollution..I bet none or something very unscientific..


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Local corporators are the deciders

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Its all based on local corporators and his 'followers' whims. Then comes big inaguration ceremony. comment guidelines

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