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Veeranna Palya Junction jams at the foot of Outer Ring Road flyover

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The Veeranna Palya flyover is now functioning for few months now. But for the commuters going towards Hebbal, getting on to the flyover during morning office hours, remains a challenge. The office goers to Manyata Tech Park, coming from Hennur junction are not allowed to get on the service road t the right hand side. Right turn towards Thanisandra is also not allowed, which earlier could have been used to reach the rear entrance to Manyata Tech Park. So all the traffic going in to Manyata tech park has to go till Veeranna Palya Junction and take a U turn to get on to service road and then to the entrance gates of the tech park.

The service road on the left of the entrance of the flyover is narrow. A temple with few graves and a petrol bunk seem to be causes of the narrow lane. The road is not a good state. Potholes remain from the recent pipeline work. After taking U turn you get onto a road between the flyover roads. This road is a 2 lane road. But for some reason the traffic police has barricaded one lane and made it into one. Taking a left into the service road remains a dangerous proposition as there is fast traffic climbing down the ramp at high speed.

So, in all there are two bottle necks. One at the foot of flyover and one trying to get back onto the road after the taking U turn.

One solution which comes to mind is to open traffic towards Hebbal on the left service road and also on the center road. Only on the center road allow U turns. The left service road can be used by BMTC and other traffic going straight or right or left under the flyover. The center road, which is 2 lane can be made sctrict two lane with flexible road dividers. Let the traffic come in from this center lane and turn it around on the right service lane. This calls for making the right service lane to be repaired and marked with lanes.

Now the traffic coming under the flyover from hebbal can go left or right, but to go straight, a Yeild strategy can be employed.


I hope i have been able to explain it properly.

PS: (from mods) added a map to show the appx location

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yes, have noticed this

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So basically, traffic from Hennur side wanting to go to Manyata Tech Park wants to enter the left side service road right where the flyover starts, and then take a right under the flyover to go to the tech park. But since this service road is in bad shape, people go till the next cut in ORR median, and take U turn there. This U-turn creates a choke on ORR, slowing down those going towards Hebbal. comment guidelines

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