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Namma Metro Turning Radius - A test train brushed against steel railings of viaduct

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Namma Metro was supposed to be start by Ugadi, but it got postponed. Stations construction was told as the reason. But, CRS had not approved Namma Metro due to the small turning radius of two curves in Reach 1 one near NGEF and another near Ulsoor. Deccan Chronicle reported this and tracking from there, while other leading news papers have not reported anything about this. I read somewhere that turning radius should be 300 metres whereas BMRCL is using 282 Metres. Someother articles saying it should be 120 Metres, whereas in Namma Metro it is 108 metres. Don't know which is correct.

A recent post in Deccan Chronicle stated that Namma Metro coaches had rubbed off with the side steel railings while conducting tests at 70 kmph in these curves. Here is the link:

Deccan Chronicle: Metro credibility scarred

RDSO and CRS is giving approval with speed limitations on this section. BMRCL is saying that the curves were constructed after design approval from Delhi Metro, who are consultants to this project and same turning radius exists at Delhi Metro too.

Question is why the compromise taken by BMRCL? Can they correct it for other reaches before it goes live. There are some sharp turnings near  KC General Hospital,  Navarang Theatre, National College Circle, Lalbagh west gate and Banashankari Bus Stand. Will BMRCL correct them now itself before proceeding with further constructions allowing trains to pass at designed speed? If not corrected, what if a train overspeeds in these curves?

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