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FAIL - motorcycles as last mile solution for metro

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Metro Rail

First of all, the lack of integration of BMRCL with other modes of PT like BMTC is the biggest impediment for metro's usefulness and profitability..however nothing much can be done there now..

About the last mile access, bus shuttles and bicycles were tried half heartedly..and with seemingly no analysis of the problems with exisitng model, BMRCL now plans to introduce motorized two wheelers (scooters)!

read more of it here

With BMTC, last mile has to be done with shorter(mini) bus, this makes easy access to interior of localities .BMRC should also explore the single ticket facility for metro users to use shuttles.

About why  this motorcycle move bound to fail

Currently one has to rent the  cycles and return them back to the station by paying a fee. 

The 2 main reasons for the failure of this model are:

  1. Phase 1 is not complete and open in parts only, hence with low ridership, the demand for last mile solutions is also less
  2. No facility to drop off bicycles at patrons destination.

The first problem should get fixed this year. However for the second point, it is critical that BMRCL works with BBMP and other private parties ( like malls and IT parks) to provide bicycle rental stations at strategic points to facilitate easy bicycle drop off. 

This way the resource (bicycle) does not stay unused for the hours that the person is at work and will also work on the cost front.

I am sure malls and IT parks will welcome any kind of metro connectivity solutions involving them.

Bicycles are also healthier and greener sollutions than motorcycles!

Hope better sense will prevail at BMRCL and they start providing meaning ful sollutions.



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BMRCL GM speaks..

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General manager of finance of BMRCL UA Vasanth Rao said, “Our initiative of providing bicycles did not receive patron age, probably because of lack of cycle tracks and the difficulty to ride bicycles on congested city oads. 

more here 

as suspected BMRCL doesnt have a clue on why cycles did not work or not inclined to find out why either!

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Bike Taxis can be a good solution

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For last mile connectivity, Bike taxis (Hey Bob or Rapido) are good solutions. Daily commuters may not have much luggage other than Back packs and they can get ride from their door step. Hope more people use it making the companies viable. comment guidelines

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