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Sanity at Silkboard!

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Metro Rail

Now that there are land acquistion and the tendering issues to be resolved to sort the grand silkboard road plan, which BMRCL attempted to implement. Also, the double decker work is still on, starting from the marenahalli end.

There is a need a less ambitious practical solution which can be implemented to completion.

BBMP/BDA have this ongoing plan to make ORR signal free around the city and taking that focus into consideration we can look at the below plan which is easier to implement as it costs less and land acquisition is minimal too.

The problem with the original plan can be listed as:

  • Long loops need lot of land acquisition and increases cost
  • At grade traffic movement ignored

Hence as depicted in the above image, we can just look at having the two way  instead of a singleway 2 lane double decker bridge continue at the silkboard junction which will make the junction effectively signal free.

With the new propopal, at grade we could look at a traffic flow as below, where there is no through traffic allowed at grade, that is ORR will only be connected elevated and not at grade at the silkboard junction.

Hence this would make the junction signal free as well as easier to implenment.. comment guidelines

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