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Metro and Interchanges(lack of it!)

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Metro Rail

BMRCL has already made a mess of commuting in terms of integration with other transport modes especially BMTC. Lately they are also messing up their own interchanges with different phases of metro!

About PH II:

  • One glaring mistatke for ph II interchange is with the Nagawara-Bannerughatta rd line with the PH I at MG road..where one line is UG and the other is elevated and about few hundred meters away.
  • The other one is the moving of the Narayanapura and KR puram station (whitefiled extention) into just one station inbetween..this will be in the middle of nowhere..with neither the bus stands nor the train station integrating
  • Integrating the TTMC at Kengeri

About PH III

The important line planned for PH 3 is the CSB(hosur rd) - Hebbal via ring road. This road will need to inegrate with the Purple line connecting Whitefiled at KR puram. Is BMRCL planning anythig at all for the interchange?

There is also an integration of the Nagawara line (PH 2) at ORR, it there anything planned?

There are a good lot of  questiions that the smart brains at BMRC might not have thought of!

Its high time they get on it!


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Even same with Gnanabharathi station

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Even Gnana Bharathi station ( Bangalore university )  of METRO is not integrated with Railway station.  This place  has all  FIVE  public mode of transport  which need to be integrated.

1. BMTC and  KSRTC  buses playing on mysore road and inside Bangalore University campus

2.  Railway Station

3. METRO Station

4. Auto and Cabs

5. Pedestrain facility with Foot Over bridge

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Same state in Phase 1

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I'm not surprised at this as this is the same state in Phase 1 as well. Taking a look at the following:

* Banashankari Metro Station -- It is diagnally opposite and close to BSK TTMC. Yet, there is no foot-over-bridge to cross-over to TTMC from Metro Station. 

* Vijayanagar TTMC and Metro Station --> It is more than half a kilometre between the two.

* As already pointed out no foot-over bridge between Yeshwantpur Metro and Railway Stations. 

These are examples of both modes of public transport going on parallel tracks without feeding each other.


- Srivatsan

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Can we get how the interchange planned at

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At KR Puram Station,  Bangalore University,  Kengeri,  Mejestic and City Railway Sttaion on Magadi Road,  Bangalore Cantonment, MG ROad - Brigade Road.

These above stations,  how BMRCL  has planned for multimodal integration,  lets try to get the details from METRO  to ensire things r done in citizens interest

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No Integration of BMTC at Byappanahalli Metro Station

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There is no integration of BMTC with BMRCL in front of Byappanahalli Metro Station itself. Metro is getting inagurated with lot of fanfare.Fanfare is left only for appreciating its beauty with people taking selfies and snaps in Metro and Metro station, not essentially remaining as a tool of commute.

Bal Bhavan train costs Rs.15 for 1 round, whereas in Metro you can reach Byappanahalli. So people are using it for joy ride and not commute.


With E-W corridor getting opened shortly, with Nayandanahalli - Magadi road opening today, what people need is linking buses from Byappanahalli, mainly for the IT corridor whitefield and Outer Ring road. 

I opened a complaint in I change my city with BMTC for this.Personnel from Janagraha had called me today. She said that I have to goto Bus Depot and give a written complaint against this. This looks crazy to me. In what era are we living?

BMRCL is not thinking about interconnectivity. They have to work with organizations like DULT or an independent organization has to work for effective connectivity.

E-W line will not serve IT corridor which is the most important to reduce the Bangalore traffic.


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IT connectivity to Bagmane Tech Park from Byappanahalli Station

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At least, they can provide feeder services to Bagmane Tech Park from Byappanahalli Station. This will do a lot good to cater to IT population.

Feeder services to Old airport road from Byappanahalli Metro Station will do a lot good. 

There has to be a task force/agency which brings about the co-ordination between BBMP, BMTC, BMRCL, BWSSB, BDA. Else, this will be frogs' balance -- each hopping in different direction. 

Our Minister for Bengaluru -- Not sure how effective he is or will be.

- Srivatsan

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BMRCL once again proving that they can mess it

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Mejestic Interchange is such poor state for integration, either proper foot paths outs side metro, or safe connectivity to existing Skywalk of BMTC

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Delhi Metro plans easy access with nine multi-modal stations

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Delhi Metro plans easy access with nine

multi-modal stations

Picture this: a Metro station with dedicated pedestrian pathways, parking bays for autorickshaws and e-rickshaws as well as cycle stands and a crossing junction. For a city which finds unhindered passenger and traffic movement an almost alien concept, Delhi Metro has a treat in store.


DMRC, which is in the final stage of construction of lines 7 and 8, will design and construct nine stations with multi-modal integration (MMI) points.

The stations identified for this purpose are Mayur Vihar Phase-I, Trilokpuri, Vinod Nagar (east and west), IP Extension and Mayur Vihar Pocket-I in line 7 (Majlis Park to Shiv Vihar). For line 8 (Janakpuri West to Kalindi Kunj), the stations that will have multi-modal integration are Okhla, Ishwar Nagar, Jasola and Jamia.


A DMRC spokesman said, "Delhi Metro is taking steps to provide commuters with various facilities at upcoming Metro stations of phase III, with maximum priority to pedestrians."

As part of the MMI design, the 300m radius of the station will be developed so as to provide easy and safe dispersion of commuters towards the bus stop, non-motorised vehicle lane or cycle stand. It will also provide dedicated bays for autos, e-rickshaws and feeder buses.


As part of the design, there will be a drop-off point for commuters. The DMRC official said, "Crossing junctions have been proposed for improved visibility and shortened road crossing time. The pedestrian movement has further been facilitated through way finding signage and traffic-calming measures at appropriate locations."

That's not all. "To provide safe and economical last-mile connectivity, a feeder bus service with improved frequency is being proposed," the official added. Separate cycle tracks will also be available at these stations, along with the provision for cycle parking or rental facility.

DMRC is proposing to have a hawkers' hub at the stations. "Hawkers hub will be created in an organised way —small kiosks will be provided outside the station," said the DMRC official. comment guidelines

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