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Metro DPR 2A (SB-KRP) - review

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Metro Rail

BMRCL has for the first time taken a very positive step by sharing the dpr for the phase 2a which connects Central Silk Board to KR puram (via ORR) on the internet.

They have also invited review comments by the general public. We have time till end of this month.

The document can be accessed here.

One of the first thoughts that comes acorss is the document mentions that the metro line will pass through the median on most part of the ORR and hence there is very less need of additional land for building the pillar/viaduct. However, this stretch specifically btw Silk board and Marathalli was actually prepared for a BRT lane in the middle of the main carriageway. Hence we have the many short bridges with lanes sapareted with 2 lane road at grade.

Hence if the metro is built in the middle, this at grade road section btw the bridges will be come unusable almost totally. Hence a plan to make the road, at least a section of it still usable, would be useful!

Maybe a cantelever kind of design for the pillar could be used to keep one lane at grade usable.

There will be many such review points about the DPR. Request to share  and discuss here, so that we can consolidate and forward it to BMRCL.


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depot location

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According to the DPR the current depot at Byappanahalli is planned to be resused for this phase 2a line..whereas the existing depot is being relocated to kadugodi (end of green line extention to WF).

This design change to reuse an exisitn depot facility sounds good on the out set, as mentioned in the dpr, it involves a detour in the route of the 2a line by about 2.5 kms to make it to this depot. 

Instead, since this line is eventually planned to traverse on the ORR, it could make it useful to have the depot too on the vicinity of the ORR itself! There is a section of land available as the ORR turns towards Banaswadi as shown in the figure below.

Understand that this land available might not be large enough for a depot at grade.

However, there could be a plan for a new depot here which has both elevated and at grade elements. Similar design was proposed for the Varanasi metro by the RITES.

Hence, this depot could be elevated on the ORR which spans around 200 ft (service lanes included) and some essential sections of it can be at grade!

The land at the current Byp depot can be put to other commercial uses!

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ph2 and 2a interchange

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the phase 2 extension to whitefield and the 2a line share a strech traversing on the ORR near the KR puram brodge..with an interchange station there. 

Though these two lines are different, there could be a possibility of using the same pillars for supporting both the lines on this stretch. The schematics in the dpr currently shows that these two lines criss cross eachother twice.

Instead if they are on the same pillars, we could posible save cost in construction as well as the land required..and aesthetically too this could make it look less cluttered.

Below is an image from Dubai metro which has two lines running one above the other..

The merge could happen at the lowry memorial coming from marathalli and the split can happen just after tin factory..

Considering 2a is planned with U type that in Kochi metro, it could be easier to build such structure on the same pillars instead of having one next to the other!

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The objective of building an

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The objective of building an uber expensive system like Metro seems to be to encourage comercial and residential real estate! 

Premium FSI, Cess on New Layouts! Looting home buyers to finance a white elephant! How many more layouts shall BDA
develop when there is no water or electricity to meet our requirements.

Bangalore is an overstretched rubber band shall snap anytiime now! Concentrate on ROK! 

Kindly read the finance section.

P.S I question the objective and not the rail network

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Compromised METRO will be out come

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BMRCL has worked out how coast can be kept low without thinking long terms of METRO usage and Road traffic.

1. They have reduced height of elevated section by 2 M compared to PH-2 of METRO

2. Station building are stripped down facility to bring down cost

3. Maintenance DEPOT  : Whitefield / Baiyyappanhallai / Hebbal ???

4. Total project cost calculated as Rs 4202 Crore and excluding tax benefit of Rs 336 Crore

5. Levy of Betterment Tax within 1 Km corridor of this METRO

Expected  line to be ready by 2020 .   This being adhoc line and with extension upto Hebbal,   whats their in BMRCL mind for long term of this project. 

They have worked out for 17 Kms plan and  wihtout considering the interchnage plan at KR Puram and Silk Board. comment guidelines

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