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Metro Ph II to HSR..why Monorail?

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 So the routes, at least the end points, are finally out from the DPR for PH II. I still dont understand what makes the DMRCL a better authority to develop these reports, no Idea of what traffic studies were done and what surveys were done..never heard of any..thought these are the basic inputs for putting out a plan report..

but anyways they seem to have completed something..and according to the plan one of the new lines proposed is the Nagavara - IIMB route. This could be as marked below in purple.. (click on it to see original large image on flickr)

The blue section around shulay circle is the underground part as it crosses the reach I on MG road. Btw is that why reach 1 was overhead on MG road?

Anyways, there is also talk about monorail tenders being called in of the routes is to connect HSR layout to this means that more pillars..more trees cut (all Nrupathunga road trees and more)..more money being spent for  a redundant route..

Instead isnt it better that the PH II line connecting Nagavara can split at Annepalya and traverse on Hosur road and turn into HSR via Kormangala(line shown as dotted purple)? 

This line can finally terminate at the Sarjapur rd/ORR to all traffic in that area..doing this, the ORR IT cos also will get metro connectivity!

The advantages are:

  • The ORR IT cos also will get metro connectivity
  • HSR, Madivala, Sarjapur road will get connected
  • Sarjapur road appts & industries will get connectivity
  • Metro will be the standard homogenous rail solution for PT in Blr (of course along with commuter rail)
  • Ticket costs are cheaper, the monorail costs proposed are way too high
  • Rolling stocks are cheaper as they are locally manufacutred

The list goes on.

Feel that monorail is not a viable to an over populated city like could be a solution as a feeder for metro..but its way too costly and busses should be able to do that better..

There is no use in getting monorail into majestic at all..the nonsense needs to be stopped!




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metro and mono are actually homogenous.. and ppl who want to go from hsr to peenya need not change train twice if agara-majestic line built. and monorail is cheaper than metro.

but we dont want monorail flyover near majestic.

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monorail need..

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 would be interesting to discuss the need for monorail and its advantages in Blr context...

btw hsr-peenya can be easily traversed by getting to 5th blk jayngr metro stn from ph I itself..the feeder busses can do the last mile connectivity..maybe a monorail connecting Jaynagar metro stn to HSR/ORR may make sense..

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Alignment Metro phase 2

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How about a route which takes a turn to Silk board from Jayadeva hospital and proceeds on Hosur road ? (as in red on map)

This will include maximum catchment area and avoid duplication of  costly infrastructure projects.  


You cannot wait for another phase / decade to connect Kormangala/ silk Board  which is a main thoroughfare.

From the Silk board,  A Bus Rapid transit  on Outer ring road  and point to point service to Electronics city will provide fast connectivity link.


We need to set up a meeting with BMRCL ( which has been asked by court to keep public in loop before freezing plans in future).


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Both routes needed

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Srinidhi /bcsagar,

A single route cannot cover all areas as efficiently as two could. Besides, the Monorail route (commencing at Agara on Sarjapur rd) also covers HSR, large parts of Koramangala, Christ college, Nimhans, Wilsongarden, Lalbagh rd, Corporation, Gandhi nagar & Race course rd before it reaches Majestic.

Bannerghatta rd & Sarjapur rd both need separate lines for future extensions since both are developing fast and further.

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monorail early

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monorail if started can come up much before metro phase 2. im reiterating, monorail is homogenous with metro, generally intersection station will be same building for both.

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yes line needs tweaks..

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Yes, either that way or as I had proposed few months ago..It can turn from Bannerughatta road at Christ College and get onto Hosur road near Forum mall..thats good too! It will take care of Wilson Garden that way and also the IT cos which are on Bannerughatta rd..along with Koramangala and Madivala


The areas you mention is well catered to in the metro branch line in my ideally metro will be able to cater to dont think there is a need for a separate monorail line at all!

We are a cash strapped over populated city and there is a dire need for affordable mass transport..and metro is the only way for it!


Monorail implementation costs are very much comparable to metro..some of the disadvantages are as below..

  • Monorail capacity is far lower
  • The coaches and tech is more or less proprietary..hence not homogenous
  • Proposed tickets costs are very high (as much as that of auto costs), whereas metro costs  just 1.5 times that of bus tickets
  • footprint on roads are again comparable to metro


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v shaped deviations are not done in metro, max c shaped deviation. because that adds too much distance to route. "rapid transit" will take too long from iimb to mg road.

monorail line is independent just like each metro line is independent. but cheaper, and construction is faster say 2-3 years max.

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curve alignment can be designed

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Further to my previous post,  the metro line can take a more smooth curve over a distance.  So no V shape or sharp deviations.

Since there is a sewage drain and flyover in the corner , the line cuts from ORR near dollars colony/ silk board  quarters and emerges near Masjid in Madiwala where a station can be built. It then Proceeds on Hosur Road in front of police station.

The next station can be near st. Johns and so on;  need to identify empty pockets of land to be acquired for stations. 

The important thing is to have maximum catchment area of travelling people covering trunk routes .  So some deviations to connect important points and additional distance don't matter much, since the length is covered fast in a metro train. 


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white line

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i see a white line road between your v deviation, that would be ok, and reduce v shape into almost c shape. i think that is maruthi nagar 20th main road. that would reduce time between iimb and mg road than u suggested. but lot of demolitions required i think

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The road through maruthinagar

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The road through maruthinagar is very narrow & congested.    (tho map shows otherwise)

It won't be feasible and would  need large scale demolitions... comment guidelines

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