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June 2008

Auto's - good, bad, or ugly?

Public Transport

Auto's, by virtue of their easy maneuverability, are easily the biggest menace on the city roads, and the cause of all the chaos on them. Their de-merits as a public transport vehicle far out-weigh their merits.

Mail exchanges (between 10th June and today) in a Yahoogroup.

Radial Roads

I had previously posted about the problems with travel to BIAL through BMTC. That posted concluded with the problem of heavy traffic through the city until the Hebbal flyover. Please note that no new kind of transport network to the airport, public or private can solve this problem. BIAS from BMTC, Meru Easy Cabs, Airlift -all get stuck in traffic.

Outside the city, in general roads are pretty good, especially the National Highways. BDA will build a peripheral expressway, which may be completed late but is likely to be wide and traffic free. However, it will not help solve the biggest jams within the city.

Peripheral Ring Road is back with BDA

Traffic Peripheral Ring Road is back. Not much new as far as the specs are concerned, but the big changes are, one, BDA (state govt) will be executing it, not NHAI (central govt) and two, it will be a PPP project.

[Pic: PRR Ph I as in 2005]

There were several reports across papers today (ET, Biz-standard) and here is a summary:

Byelaws, parking, traffic congestion etc etc


Marathahalli building 1

How hard is it to make a post like this? Examples abound. Here is another one from Marathahalli. A new tall building popped up earlier this year, and a Shanthi Sagar showed up, I am guessing as a tenant.

Of course, the parking has been planned for. Its in the basement. Spot the basement there, just to the left of stairs? comment guidelines

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