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June 2008

Leaving Bengaluru, which Karnataka city would you prefer to live/work in?

Vehicle Ownership Restrictions : Singapore Style

Have a look at how Singapore manages it's traffic:

We could have a similar, or atleast a modified system like the one above.

Metro Rail - A Bad Move?

Metro RailPublic Transport

This mornings paper confirmed my apprehensions of the Metro Project.

It is really sad to see this shuffling around of people every year almost. A new chief will have to start from scratch again. bring in his own ideas and his own theories which slow down the project.

Can we hope for safer roads


Not sure if people saw this today ("send drunk drivers ...") in the TOI. Here is another link (newstodaynet).

"Finally, there is a serious effort to discipline our traffic. The Law Commission has prepared a report on traffic discipline that sets down stringent penalties and exacting norms to straighten out India's notoriously indisciplined roads.

Bangalore bus stops to have shopping malls

This is what they said about Garuda Mall where a public parking lot was proposed. Today all you have is the Mall and it's private parking that's added to the congestion rather than alleviate it. comment guidelines

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