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June 2008

Why I gave up on BMTC

Public Transport

[Kind of mirrors what so many members here think of BMTC - routing not right, slow, last mile hassle etc etc - here is a real user experience {blr_editor}]

Last week i resolved to try BMTC to commute to office - from BTM to CBD - Ulsoor Road ( or Halsooru Road). I had written earlier to Mr. Sheriff and Tripathy earlier on the pathetic treatment meted out to BTM residents - to no avail. There is not a single bus that runs from BTM to MG Road directly - convenient to travellers.

First - we have 201 and its variants - which are crowded by the time they reach BTM. Requests for a BTM - Domlur variant have been denied till date. Requests for a 'seating only' premium variant have been declined.

All for better Bangalore

Namaskara yallarigu. I have been one more member of this community who visit regularly but dont contribute anything. After being in a country like US for nearly yr and half and seeing the infrastructure here, would like to add few things. On my opinion these might work well as a start up process to improve Namma Bangalore.

Traffic has been the major thing for Bangalore. Any where we see today everyone speaks of Bangalore traffic. Snail pace movement.

Online grievance systems - they do reply

Here is an example from ramesh_mbabu for us. Ramesh wrote on the central government's online grievance system (DPAR's PG Portal), and he did hear from them (see below).

Many government bodies now have online mechanisms to take in complaints, and from experiences we hear, many of these work. Work as in - you get a response back, though a good # of responses could be generic (thanks for the note, we will do something - type of thing). But even for the grievance redressing systems that work, we have heard that very few citizens actually use them. Why? Perhaps lack of awareness.

Deadly roads of India: BBC report

"There are now more road deaths in India than anywhere else in the world - a man-made epidemic according to a government committee.

In 2006 - the latest year for which figures are available - more than 100,000 people died, and an estimated 2,000,000 were seriously injured."


BBMP Works - 2008-2009

BBMP's Plans for 2008-2009 :

Programme Of Works 2008-2009.pdf comment guidelines

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