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June 2008

The Jayanagar Complex Fire - An eye opener

I was pretty surprised not to see a single post on the great Jayanagar Shopping Complex Fire that swept through late friday night on Praja. No Jayanagarites here :-)?

6 ways drivers typically waste gas on every trip

I found a good link on the yahoo website. Just thought of sharing with all the members here. Hope it will be helpful.

1. Racing away from green lights

Harnessing the Desert Sun

A tiny fraction of the sun's energy that shines upon the deserts of North Africa and the Middle East could meet all of Europe 's electricity demands. The technology to harness the energy already exists.

Likewise, entire Karnataka's energy needs can be met by a similar plant at Gulbarga or Raichur, or one in Rajasthan through a consortium involving other states.

MUDA cracks the whip


MUDA cracks the whip on vacant sites. Plans four satellite towns around Mysore to ease pressure in the city.

Bellary Road Elevated Concerns

Metro RailTraffic
Krishnaprasad of the hindu reports that DMRCL, which is involved with the high speed rail to BIA, has raised objections to plans for an elevated road corridor between minsk square and hebbal. Apart from this, Govt authorities are also concerned that HSR will eat into road widening efforts that will create a six lane corridor between mekhri circle and hebbal. comment guidelines

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