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June 2008

BWSSB's plans

Finally, a plan/proposal/idea that shows some clear out of the box thinking and goes beyond the currently fashionable gospels of maintenance, sustenance and development models. In rediscovering the original purpose of many of these man-made lakes of bangalore - as a source of potable water - bwssb might have hit upon a truely sustainable 'novel' idea to save our lakes.

Do we have the right Civic Attitude?

Its just lacking, isn't it?. Come on, lets not run away from the fact anymore. Spending a couple of crores on something big for the good of the city and the country is no big deal anymore. The biggest let downs are either, we just dont know how to use what is given to use or we just dont care and carry on with the "Great Indian Civic attitude" that we have. I know some thoughts might have already got triggerred for some of you that. who is this guy, making such a big statement. Let me not isolate myself from it, but we just do not carry the fundamental civic attitide with us.

Elevated Corridors - green light


Source Deccan Herald, CM Gets Cracking on City's Woes: "Yeddyurappa showed the green signal to BBMP to take up two elevated corridor projects: the 16-km North-South corridor connecting Hebbal to Madivala through Minsk Square and Vellara junction and the 12-km Bangalore East corridor connecting Kodihalli and Kundalahalli through Vellara junction..."

CBI - Sanjaynagar junction magic boxes

The CBI junction magic box work has started. But from what I can make out, there is only one box that would come up at CBI junction. Most likely, that would be the case for SJN junction. Given that, traffic flow would most likely be as in the figure. Please note that road widens after SJN towards CBI.

CBI - SJN junction

Death of low cost carriers

hi praja folks,

Been reading a lot of posts on what is good and what is not good about BIAL. also been hearing about flights going/coming near empty into Bangalore. SAD!! comment guidelines

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