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Byelaws, parking, traffic congestion etc etc

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Marathahalli building 1

How hard is it to make a post like this? Examples abound. Here is another one from Marathahalli. A new tall building popped up earlier this year, and a Shanthi Sagar showed up, I am guessing as a tenant.

Of course, the parking has been planned for. Its in the basement. Spot the basement there, just to the left of stairs?


But obviously, the basement isn't in use for parking right now. Result? Some park on an small empty plot nearby, some on the recently widened road (only 5 minutes saar), but those with respect for vehicular traffic park on the pavement thus forcing pedestrians down on the road.
Marathahalli basements 3
Marathahalli building 2



And what are the chances that the basement will be used in future for parking? Well, I would say zero, because staircase entries are typically not designed for parking spaces.


Marathahalli basements 2


[Disclaimer: I am no expert to call any of this illegal. It just looks that way to me. It could be that this building all prescribed byelaws]


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IT Illiterates....

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Last month I had written an email to commisoner of BBMP regarding a construction of a complex in Jayanagar 5th block without any basement parking facility till now I havent seen any reply for that email or any one contacting the owner of the construction site and taking necessary measures. I seriously doubt about the purpose of contact us link in all the Govt websites. what is the purpose of all IT growth when the main administration ppl are not IT literates.



“An act of charity by the citizens questions the worthiness of the government.” 

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BBMP one doesn't work for sure

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BBMP had promised to implement a "proper" online complaints system, and the website even had a "coming soon" notice for it. But that notice eventually gave way to the email addresses that they have now.

I have 'heard' not all emails get a response. In absence of a proper complaints system, and for fear of meddling with real estate lords, I wonder what can ordinary citizens like us do about these so very common "illegal looking" building with no respect for byelaws.

This is "the" thing folks, in my mind, this is the single biggest contributor for Bangalore's traffic congestion problems today.

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parking: palike getting serious?

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BBMP plan to check parking woes excerpts... ... Palike has come out with a comprehensive policy to address the chaotic parking problems in the city that focuses on construction of multi-level parking lots, besides regulating entry of private vehicles into congested areas/roads. State Government has to accord legislative sanction for the policy. BBMP will be overall in-charge of updating and implementing the policy. BBMP has said 37 arterial roads can accommodate traffic, parking and also pedestrians. Palike has urged the BDA to provide at least an acre of land at every 500 metres on arterial and sub-arterial roads, wherever possible, it will also provide land on 30-year lease for construction of multi-level parking facilities. The policy envisages that institutions, industrial establishments, commercial complexes, theatres, marriage halls, hotels and restaurants should provide adequate off-street parking facilities while spillover of parking will be prevented. As per the policy, owners of heavy vehicles have to make specific off-street parking facilities for night-time parking and those vehicles cannot be parked for long durations on streets. Areas will be notified for overnight parking of private vehicles while vehicle parking certificate will be made mandatory for all vehicles in the future. The policy also discourages overnight parking of buses, trucks, omni buses, tourist buses and other heavy vehicles on roads. The policy contemplates identification and notification of areas where entry of private vehicles will be restricted. This measure focuses on reducing the number of vehicles entering a particular area where congestion could be caused.
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I completely agree

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Hi All,

I completely agree with the above points. Unfortunately our Traffic police and BBMP are more interested in stopping two wheeleres in the name of checking papers and not only wasting their precious time but also taking money for some frivolous issue.

They have no time to ensure that the traffic is well managed and such dodgy constructions are looked at.

Is there any way we in Praja could make this a big issue and demand some sanity and better management.


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