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June 2008

'People for a cause' - banners on IRR


Saw some folks on Sunday putting up posters and banners around Innter Ring Road spreading awareness about traffic rules. They were being well supported by the traffic cops. Inspiring indeed, and newspapers tell us that its a group of techies called PFC (People For a Cause). Good show guys!

Snippet from DH June 15:

Imagine Bangalore traffic with this ...

On a lighter note, just imagine Bangalore's traffic landscape (err... airscape) if we all were allowed to let loose in these personal helicopters!? Looks like they are almost here.

Decongesting CBD

Public Transport
As we see in other cities across the world, the Central Business District is always the most congested area. Hence many schemes have been introduced such as Congestion Tax, Pay and Park/Ride..etc

Reclaiming footpaths

Pedestrian Infrastructure
The right of the pedestrian to use the pavements unhindered is sacrosanct which has been repeatedly echoed even by the highest court of the land. But lower courts grant stay orders whenever attempts are made (though half heartedly) to remove the footpath hawkers. These stay orders go unchallenged effectively.

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