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Peripheral Ring Road is back with BDA

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Traffic Peripheral Ring Road is back. Not much new as far as the specs are concerned, but the big changes are, one, BDA (state govt) will be executing it, not NHAI (central govt) and two, it will be a PPP project.

[Pic: PRR Ph I as in 2005]

There were several reports across papers today (ET, Biz-standard) and here is a summary:

  • 100 meters wide, 4 lanes each way, including 2 edge lanes dedicated for buses.
  • 12 m wide center median for 'future' use (example cited - elevated mono rail)
  • Tolled road. Though no clear documentation yet on the exits and interchanges
    • Expect interchanges with all National highways for sure
  • Phase 1 (60 km) will be taken up first. This would be the north east loop (Tumkur Road to Hosur Road cutting across via Old Madras Road, Malur).
  • Claims of completing PRR Phase 1 in 30 months (TOI carried this, not Business-standard). Remember, the project concept is now 7-10 years old depending on whose claim you believe :)
  • No mention yet of "intermodal" exchange (Metro to BRTS on PRR). But thats okay, I think PRR's primary purpose is to connect peripheral areas (ITPL to E-City for example) so that a lot of vehicles can just avoid the main city. Think of it as a modern version of "bye-pass" roads of old days.

Want to know more about PRR? Head to BDA website - Peripheral Ring Road

Sounds good, but I am interested in alignment of Phase II of PRR (the South loop). and its offset from NICE Peripheral road being done as part of BMIC. Two such high density roads so close to each other (and both tolled!) is perhaps not a good idea.

[Pic of phase II as in late 2005, source: BDA website back then]



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Only half?

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I hope this does align with Nice's road. Otherwise we will have 2 high speed parallel ring roads seperated by maybe 4-5 kms. This way the entire stretch will be completed faster. Also further south from NICE is bannerghatta and other reserve forests, building a road through it would do a lot of harm. BDA said 30 months for completion - I think this excludes Land aquisition which Is going to take much longer I forsee!
Narayan Gopalan
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Why not integrate with NICE on the West?

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On the one hand we never seem to have funds for basic infrastructure - physical and social.  On the other hand we want to duplicate roads.  They need to extend NICE-PRR till NH7 rather than build another road.

PRR on the east side makes sense. At least they are starting with that stretch!

Does this mean that NICE-PRR is not going to see the light of day?


Drive safe.  It is not just the car maker which can recall its product.

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Phase I - land already notified

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I remember seeing long notifications about acquiring land along PRR Phase I back in March 2007 (last year!). So the work must be on I assume (along with usual controversies which will start surfacing now).

I think the fact that only Phase I has been given go ahead means that Phase II vs NICE Peripheral Road debate is alive. Making PRR Phase I PPP project? Well, is that like opening a door for NICE!? Government can't handpick NICE, but I am sure Kheney can't be stopped from making legal bids to be a partner here.

So bottomline, wait and watch, there should be more to come. But it better be done right, which means

  • Work well with with NICE PRR
  • Interchanges with upcoming elevated roads, expressways and national highways. I am talking BETL, Nelamangala Tollway and main NICE Expressway to Mysore and not the usual NH7, OMR, and NH207.
  • But not too many exits and interchanges - this road should be for long haul traffic alone, period.
  • Plan for interchange with public transport modes to get deeper in the city. There is talk of Bus terminals, space for Metro etc. But Public transport on PRR itself is one thing. Getting from PRR to deeper city on pubic transport is another.
Narayan - PRR Phase II alignment and Benerghatta park is a good question. Don't have access to high resolution maps of PRR Phase II so hard to see things clear, but perhaps that sharp curve to south in the phase II map (see above) is to go behind BG park?
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No news yet on NICE

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Was expecting some news on NICE before this..but anyways this will be good enough if BSY can get it completed in his tenure!

Its said this will be tolled so it sounds similar to NICE. As per the earlier plan the road was supposed to meet Hosur road near Attibele (Kr -Tn border) dont think it will cross BETL.

See this as providing connectivity to BIA...cos I guess it hits Belary road around yelahanka..

Hopefully we dont go wasting resources by doing the phII of the PRR and instead use NICE for it!

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PRR after BG park - bad idea

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On the south of Bangalore, after Bannerghatta Park the forest continues. It is joint to the Bandipur Forest and the Satymangala forest. Building a PRR after BG Park is impossible. reserve forest land cannot be aquired - SC made the law. Also a road through the forest would ruin the ecology. Imagine Purvankara's and Prestige building massive apartments along it - wont go down too well with many. I feel NICE is the perfect PRR. We have to draw a boundary for the expansion of Bangalore, and instead focus on connectivity to other cities.
Narayan Gopalan
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Toll collection

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Can we have something like the EZPass system in use in USA? I belive NHAI and the Delhi Gurgoan tollway are trying to implement some such system. This will greatly reduce jam at toll booths

NICE and Kheny

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Ends with NICE - PRR

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The 90% complete PRR needs to get finished..that was the only thing on my mind. I am not sure if the govt should be intersted in any of the other projects hes planning..

The Gowda family was up in arms against him causing lot of trouble for him and the project..they were wrong in certain ways but not in every way!

Highways, lets leave it to the NHAI..havent they done the Golden Quad? we can have other projects too executed by them..and have the level of transperancy that we need!

Instead of making real estate moghuls out of Road builders..we should be looking at fair and fast alternatives!

We all know the relaid mangalore highway is pretty good now and we are suggesting providing more trains..I think we should stop there and not let people build malls and huge resorts besides freeways on the fragile wester ghats ecosystem..Same applies to Karwar!

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narayan thanks man for saying that. north bangalore into the seeme there is plenty of land. i dunno why they are hell bent upon screwing up the south which is the water source, rice bowl, not to mention gateway to the hills.

Eco friendly resorts

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One could adopt eco friendly building methods in the Ghat region - see this for example:


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Re: TS

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good pt. You see we have to draw a boundary around Bangalore. We can't keep expanding in all directions. Its not good for the city, not good for the state and even for the country. What we need is all round development of the state. Tier II cities should have good connectivity, urban planning. People are hell bent on staying in Bangalore, but that can change. They are a lot of Mangloreans amd Mysorians who would like to move out of Bangalore to their hometown. There is soooooo much we can learn from Bangalore and apply it on to areas like Mysore and Mangalore. If we do, we can surely achieve a great lifestyle. But instead the govt seems to want to have only ONE diamond in its crown (state) and keep on shining it while letting the rest of the crown rust!
Narayan Gopalan
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Laurie Baker

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Now that you brought it up, I may add that a brother of mine, is supposed to be amongst the closest of Laurie Baker's disciples. His 'business' web-site is http://www.inspire-india....

Muralidhar Rao

Muralidhar Rao
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PRR with BDA

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PRR with BDA

welcome step if the following are taken care of

(1) PRR should be cemented

(2) there should not be any signals; sufficient underpasses or flyovers to be provided

(3) there should be a clearance of 100 feet from the edge of PRR to the nearest building(nice trees / flowers / grass can be planted in this space 

Srinath Heragu

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PRR tenders soon ante

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PRR tenders to be called soon Afshan Yasmeen, The Hindu First phase of project work to start in October It will be eight-lane, 100-metre wide toll road Long-distance travellers need not enter the city This article says ... Although the PRR was originally mooted by the BDA, it had been handed over to NHAI for execution. But technical issues did not match the expectations of the Government and the project is back with the BDA. {What were these technical issues?} Other exerpts fom the article... BDA, is gearing up to invite global tenders for the project. The work on the project is expected to take off in October. Officials, who made a presentation on BDA’s projects to Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa on Tuesday, said the project report was ready. “We have started the process and tenders for the project will be called in the next three months. Work on the first phase connecting Tumkur Road with Hosur Road via Old Madras Road should take off in October,” BDA Engineer Member P.N. Nayak told The Hindu on Wednesday. The project requires 3,530 acres of land and the acquisition process had started. While 65 km would be developed in the first phase, the rest would be taken up in the second phase. “We are confident of completing work on the first phase in 30 months after it is taken up,” Mr. Nayak added. The new road, which will circum-navigate the city linking Tumkur Road, Mysore Road, Old Madras Road and Hosur Road will be an eight-lane 100-metre wide toll road. Once the PRR is completed, access to highways leading out of the city will become easy, and long distance travellers can bypass the city. It will also facilitate easy access to international airport from Tumkur Road, Whitefield and Hosur Road, according to Mr. Nayak.
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Happy due to the cancellation of PRR2

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To avoid the destruction of Bannerghata forest the PRR2 was directed towards Gottiger,Weavers Colony, Billawaradha halli, Shanubhogana Halli Kannayakana Agrahara and other adjoining areas.These areas are the main center for weavers. Hundreds of weavers suffered knowing that the PRR2 is directed towards their places which meant they would lose their jobs as many weaving centres were shifted to these areas due to Government orders and if PRR2 would be directed towards these areas then it would have caused a svere blow to thousands of weaving families .I am beyond happy that the construction of PRR2 has been cancelled. It was a restoration of peace to weavers and greenery to the Garden City.

M.S.Nagendra                                                                                                                Founder-President                                                                                                                 Sri Sri Lakshmivenkateshwara Powerloom Co-op Society Ltd                            Weavers Colony, Gottigere,B.G.Road,Bangalore-83             

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 Time to ask where this is?

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 Time to ask where this is? Anybody up for a meeting with BDA?

Meanwhile Hyderabad is provisioning for the future. Seen below is the access controlled 10 lane ORR being completed

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BDA plans to start work on

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BDA plans to start work on PRR

CC: ibnlive


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Need latest map of PRR

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Can someone post latest high resolution map of PRR?


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