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Vignan Nagar - why so removed from Bangalore?

There is a place called Vignan Nagar near Tata Sherwood.  The main roads and layouts inside this area are well maintained.  The well constructed roads, street lights, drain canals everything are well done and designed.  This is being done by BJP MLA Mr.Raghu and BMP counciler Mrs.Prathima Raghu.

In the same locality there is a place called Vignan Nagar Extn or Brundavan Estate Road, which comes under KR Puram Legislative constituency.  This location is not being considered for development by earlier MLA of KR Puram constituency Mr.Krishnappa, and he did nothing for the development of the area.  Because of  that now the people have elected the BJP candidate Mr.Nandish Reddy this time.  After his winning he has visited the place and assured some developmental work will be taken up.  Since then only wide road has been done with mud and not by tar. 

For bus facility the people has to walk almost a kilo meter. Either they have to go to Vignan Nagar Bus Stand (Approx 1.5KM or Basava Nagar Bus Stand (approx 1KM).  Atleast BMTC could added one more stop for the buses goes towards Basava Nagar at the junction of Adarash Vista, so that people walking will be reduced especially for children and old age people.  Now a days atleast the drivers and conductors are showing some mercy to stop at this location on a request. (thanks to the drivers and conductors who are iworking in this buses)

So far this area not connected with drainage or water supply, but understood from some of the residents that they have paid money for water connection with KR Puram Municipal Corporation, but till date no connection has been given.

Taking this as advantage some people are selling the water at a higher costs to the residents. The local residents are left with no option other than buying water from them.

Being a resident of this location, because of the mud road, many people fallen down when vehicle got slipped.  Many children got hurt because of this.

Further, the dog menace in this area is affecting the public especially children.  Many people got chased by this stray dogs and the corporation didn't take any action even after complaints made to them.

The funny part is when last assembly elections happened, no contestants visited this place for asking vote, only few followers have come to all the houses and asked them to vote to thier party.

It is isolated totally from Bangalore ( Even I can say it is isolated from Karnataka) because of the poor facilities.

Any officials read this and take some actions, it would be a nice initiative.



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Where is Brundavan Estate Rd ?

Hi Sumi,

Could you please guide me as to where exactly Brundavan Estate Road is ? Is it past Adarsh Vista ? Also, Vignan Nagar will possibly have many more buses after road widening & construction of the larger bus terminus there.

Also, please see this link. I had posted these ideas to BMTC & they mentioned that they were looking into it.

Will this help ?

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map of the area

Just to show off my expertise with some hard to use features of this website, here is the map of the area. Assuming all Sumi tells us is correct, shocking to see that this place is not some periphery, its wel within Outer ring Road limits.

Javascript is required to view this map.

See those train tracks. If we had CRS, this place would have had better public transport via a Kaggadaspura Railway station :)

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Sumi is being generous

I think Sumi is being charitable in the description of the area.  I have a few friends living sprinked in the google map area shown above east of Surjandas road in Basava Nagar, LBS Nagar, Malleshpalya etc.  Despite it being well within city limits, one gets the feeling that the politicos and babus just forgot this area.  They went in an did some road relaying and drainage recently, but many parts of this area are just fundamentally flawed.  The main road is narrow, population density is too high - with some fairly nice apartments too! A bus going along will pretty much block the main road.
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Hi Naveen, Brundavan Estate

Hi Naveen,

Brundavan Estate Road is the road which goes downwards from Adarsh Vista and ends up near Doddanekundhi Lake.

The bus facility is not available. The people has to walk till Basava Nagar bus stand or Vignan Nagar bus stand.  Hopefully once the Vignan Nagar bus terminus is constructed, we hope some action will be taken up by BMTC.  Anyways, I am just exploring the possibilities of contacting BMTC to put a request to extend bus services till Brundavan Estate with Swaraj mazda.

Are you from Vignan Nagar?  Keep in touch.  Let us try to make some thing good for public of this area.



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Sumi71, SanjayV - Thanks Yr Inputs

For the volume of inhabitants, the area lacks basic amenities & roads are quite narrow. Sometime back, there was a proposal to widen the road between ADA with Vignannagar bus station, but there were plenty of objections. Hence, civic authorities maintained status quo & asphalted the road as it were.

Past Adarsh Vista, the road towards the lake narrows even further as it had been developed as a private layout, though it has some good apartment complexes, with plenty of vehicle movements.

For the present, the road between Vignannagar & GM Palya is being widened & I think a new bus station is also planned at Vignannagar to do away with Malleshpalya as a terminus midway & within a short distance.

For those living down Brundavan Estate road, the best option is to have a bus halt at the turn near Adarsh Vista gate, which I think is required in any case as the distance between Basavanagar & Vignannagar bus terminuses is quite large & people cannot walk to either end.

There are many others who live in Adarsh Vista & surroundings who complain that not all buses halt at the turn, thus walking distances are large.

As regards LBS Nagar with it's many large apartment complexes, there is no road connecting the area with the rest & stands isolated with only a proper connecting road to old airport road. All other roads out of here are not suitable for bus services due to very narrow width.

As mentioned before, I had made some suggestions for improvement of bus services in the whole area. Please see this link :

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Thanks for Laying Tar Roads

Hi All,

After a two months of posting about the road problem, the government has taken action and laid tar roads covering the main roads from Adarsh Vista to Doddanegundhi lake, but cross roads are still in the bad condition.

However, we thank BBMP, Mr.Nandish Reddy, MLA for completing this taring of roads in this area. 

Still we are facing problem of water & drainage facilities. Hope this problem also will be solved soon with tarring the cross roads.



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Sumi, I feel that it is best

Sumi, I feel that it is best that the water and sewerage connections be given by BWSSB before tarring of the roads. Once tarred ,when the  connections are given the tarred roads would once again be dug up and it is anyone's guess when the roads would be tarred again. Hope the MLA is able  to achieve both at the same time.

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Thanks Reha

Hi Reha,

Thanks for your comments.  It would be good if the drain facilicities are done before tarring the roads.  Atleast somehow the places are looking good with wide tar roads,.  Fortunately nobody facing water logging problem though it is in low lying area.

Anyways let us hope for good in coming days.





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Let us Join

Hi All,


Hope with the good things to happen, those who are living in this area, let us join and do some development work or atleast initiate something with authorities.

For easy contact, I am sharing my mail id, pls do write to me with your contacts, let us join hands.


My mail id



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