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Finally Google Earth for the rescue of BBMP

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I have no idea whether BBMP has the willingness, and expertise to provide online:-

  1. Details of each Ward
    1. Map showing the boundaries
    2. Location of ward offices
    3. Members of ward committee
  2. Storm and Sewage water drains.
    1. Demarcation of Location serving
    2. Loading [population] Capacity for each sewage Manhole
  3. Locations of Hospitals, Police stations, malls etc
  4. Etc.

I was vey happy to see today’s Bangalore Mirror article on the work of Geo Information and modeling Solutions Private ltd [GIMS] headed by TN Guru Prasad CEO. This is what BBMP feels about the project proposal:-

The BBMP engineering department's top brass feel that the initiative will help the public if it is designed as a public utility service.K T Nagraj, chief engineer, BBMP, said, “This will certainly help the administration and the public. However it has to be restricted keeping security aspects in mind.”


This project talks about some of the aspects above in addition to providing commercial info.

  1. Public amenities locations
  2. ward office location
  3. Ward demarcation
  4. 3D models of Historic structure
  5. Geo reference Models
  6. Customize for BBMP use
  7. Storm Water Drains
  8. and all


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Akrama Sakrama

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The High Court of Karnataka has adjourned the hearing to 11-04-2011 on the petition filed against Akrama Sakrama. A group of citizens has challenged the scheme of Akrama Sakrama on the ground that the scheme would pave way for haphazard growth of the urban area. I am also closely watching the developments in the High Court. I will update soon with more and better information. Vivekananda Paniyala


4 story row housing having one room accommodation per floor, on 30’x20’ site with one car per each family. Many of them are Taxi drivers running own taxis. Huge apartments / malls flouting basic town planning prefects. Food for thought to  [GIMS] headed by CEO TN Guru Prasad.


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UV animation, A meeting with the CEO Mr. TN Guruprasad

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Animation is associated with imparting life, interest, spirit, motion, or activity to life less objects. That way it is interesting to view 3D visualization of buildings. Animation is required to animate (impart motion / activity) to cartoon lifeless 2D pictures. It requires painful sketching of series of pictures to animate pictures in a cartoon film.

I was unable to comprehend what is UV animation. UV = ultra - violet radiation? However it suddenly dawned upon me that it means U Dream V show it to the world. 3D objects are more interesting than Plan elevation side view of a building.

UV animation is a vibrant company, with passion and commitment to be a dominant force in the field of Geo reference modeling applications.

I had a nice interaction with the UV animation founder TN Guru Prasad at his office at their Jayanagar outfit. 

I had a preliminary discussions about our (Praja) interest in 3D modelling of Storm water and Sewage Water Drains and roads including foot paths. It is also required to allocate optimum locations for under ground cables of all kinds including

  1. Power cables
  2. Communication cables
  3. TV Cables
  4. Opticle Cables
  5. Gas pipes
  6. Storm  water drain
  7. Seperate Sewage water drain
  8. etc

This will help in evolving meaning full and robust Bangalore Road standards (BRS).

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Animation for BBMP, BWSSB etc

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If animation is to be used for public projects the pre-requisite is proper co-ordination among these agencies.

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