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Vignan Nagar Roads - Miserable

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Roads of Vignan Nagar were recently tarred for first time, which reduced mud and diseases to great extent. Shortly after this BBMP dug up all the roads for laying water pipes, leaving no way even to walk for weeks. After lying the pipes, deep holes were filled back with loose mud, leaving Vignan nagar once again in mud and pollution.

Now frequent rains have made the situation worse, roads have become so slippery that its is risky to drive two wheeler or walk on it. Water pipe laying work got completed some 6 months back but roads are left un-tarred in same poor condition since then.

Im not sure what the coporator of this area is upto and why he can't see the poor condition of this ward and take some action.

Why BBMP work is so un-planned that shortly after tarring the road they damage it for some thing and then leave it to its mercy . Why government can not take any action on this?

Living in Vignan Nagar is no better then living in a village which in inside so - called garden city.


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road maintenance contracts

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Areas like Girinagar have given road laying and maintenance contracts to a vendor based on tenders..this contract spreads around 5 years and makes the vendor completely responsible for all road laying and maintenance for that period..

Any kind of road dig up and damages are also covered under this..

Guess this is a resonable way of addressing this issue..guess you or ure rwa need to take it up with your local corporator/mla for this.. comment guidelines

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