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A meet with commissioner DULT Bangalore

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20 Aug 2011 14:00

Venue : 

The Commissioners Office

Directorate of Urban Land Transport, Urban Development Department, Room no. 502, 5th Floor, IVth Stage, M S Building,Bangalore 560 001,

 Agenda :  Discussion on “Towards  better Bangalore roads”.


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I hope you will represent as

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I hope you will represent as an individual and not as Praja since agenda is too generic. Outcomes & what the "discussions" entail is also not clear.

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  The meeting is in

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The meeting is in continuation of my earlier with Mr. Shailendra Singh. I hope I can introduce myself as an ordinary user of the Praja site to blog and not "The Praja".


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The agenda is to discuss Bangalore Road Standards [BRS]

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Any Road is to be visualised as a volume and not just the visible surface

  1. All the cables should be underground including power and TV, in addition to
    1. The BESCOM transformers
    2. BESCOM Junction boxes
    3. Telephone junction boxes
    4. Etc
  2. A Road has Storm water Drains [SWD] at both its side all along,
    1. To prevent the rain water from flooding
    2. Rain Water Harvesting [RWH]
  3. It has a single Sewage line running at a depth grater than the SWD, at present.
    1. This needs to be at both sides as the SWD for efficient usage.
    2. There is no standard specified design for connecting individual house hold sewage lines to the road sewage line at present.
  4. Currently in Bangalore the Sewage water is being conveniently diverted to SWD whenever the man holes start spewing.
  5. With proper road standards and corresponding design the SWD misuse can be prevented.
  6. The BBMP engineers have developed a bad habit to rebuild current granite stone slab Storm water Drains with  RCC designs. The granite slabs are long lasting where as the RCC [sub standard] design will require frequent rebuilding This is atrocious mis management on the part of BBMP leading to corruption

With SWD free of Sewage water we can see that lakes in Bangalore will get back their earlier grandeur. comment guidelines

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