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Future of Old Madras Road?

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Can anyone enlighten me as to what will happen to Old Madras Road once the Metro comes.

Will it be widened? Is there any plan by any authority on this?

As it is. driving on the road is a nightmare.The authorities have cheated the public when they built the new road to NGEF by making it so narrow. There was enough place and they could have planned the road keeping in mind the huge volume of traffic when the Metro is opened.

Or am I wrong and is there actually a grand plan!!!!!!


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Tumkur Road

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In face I have the same question about Tumkur Road - it is a monumental mess right now. They seem to be making some attempts at widening the side roads but its not clear what their grand plan is - if there is one. One serious thing they need to address is the junction with Outer Ring Road - it meets the road in two distinct places and this often causes a big mess.



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it's the same thing, time and again!

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Yes, the question comes up time and again - check this. Perhaps, we need to force the answers out.

Muralidhar Rao
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This road should have

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This road should have definitely be wider. Wonder what BMRCL would achieve by clinging on to the space next to boundary wall. There arent any structures that are coming up there.

The asphalting done near the tracks on OMR is pathetic. It has created a  horrible "hump" and that slows down the pace of the vehicles thus reducing the no of vehicles that pass through during "Green signal"

Can a flyover at this junction solve the traffic woes?

I have observed that the piers for the viaduct are quite apart from each other. There is enough space left for one more track to be laid. Is this keeping future plans in mind ??


Edit: Please zoom in a little to see the Piers location.


Javascript is required to view this map.

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traffic mgmt during construction phase

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A major claim made by the Delhi Metro, and a justifiable one if I understand correctly, was that they provided for smooth flow of traffic at all their project sites. Has BMRCL ever said anything to this effect? And, if not, why not?

Muralidhar Rao
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Many problems

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BMRCL should not have closed the road from Bypanahalli railway station to Old Madras Road near CDAC. I wonder if there is any protocol to completely close down a road as I didnt see any notification about that.

There should be a flyover across Old Madras Road. There is a flyover being built at Mahadevpura where not even half the traffic of OMR. It looks like the design of OMR-Kasturi Nagar road junction is also wrong.

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The right turn on OMR to

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The right turn on OMR to 80-feet road (near Isolation Hospital) has been closed for some days. As the 100-ft road is open from Binnamangala this may not be a problem for most people, and it saves at least 10 minutes on OMR. I hope this continues at least till the Metro opens.

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I was hoping that once the metro is completed the Old madras Road would be widened since the place opposite to the metro was acquirable as there were no buildings. But now I find a a new structure coming up opposite to the OMR Metro station, this means that road can never be widened.

As I aked is there a plan for Old Madras Road.

Is an RTI possible===Murali?


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part of NHAI ?

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 Before the metro works started there used to be a board at the suranjan das rd and OMR jn..this mentioned that the NHAI jurisdiction started from the point.

As we know this road is part of NH4..and NHAI has started with road widening starting from after KR Puram...all the way to Karnataka border with Andhra..

Wonder if NHAI has any plans for OMR around NGEF area..

Its already a mess with 4 major junctions (100ft Indiranagar/80 ft road/Suranjan das rd and the NGEF road) in this section..

This needs immediate attention..something like a flyover all the way to the hanging bridge!

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direct engagement better

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What kind of a query can you raise through RTI, and addressed to whom? As such, rather than taking the RTI route, I would suggest your Rotary Indiranagar inviting Mr Sivasailam and the NHAI Karnataka chief to make presentations on what their future palns are. They can't refuse you. Thereafter, through PRAJA, we can keep the dialogue going till completion, and even beyond.

This can be part of your club's community service initiatives, which can perhaps go on to become a model for other clubs.

Muralidhar Rao
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CMH road opens

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I almost forgot aboout the CMH Road. It is now open  for traffic after 2 years of Metro work. This should further decongest the OMR further. Just noticed 138 going through the CMH road. So dont get into 138, 201 to reach Isolation Hospital, etc. :)

Could we expect fly-over with Suranjandas road widening? comment guidelines

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