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Designing Storm Water drains a report

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The event "Designing Storm water Drains" was attended by 4 of us, all residents of Indira nagar area in general.

1.     Self

2.     Pathy ,

3.     Nanjappa and

4.      Divakar

The BBMP AE Mr. G Ravindranath was conspicuous by his absence. Upon contacting we came to know that he was busy with some other more important work.

We inspected the 9th main work. Many pictures of which are published earlier.  After some discussions about the not so inspiring work in front of us these were the observations:-

1.     At present SWDs take the rain water away.

2.     It needs to be used for charging the ground water.

3.     The practice of Sewage water diversion in to SWDs is to be avoided

The BBMP has made Rain water harvesting mandatory for all residents of the city.  Instead of leading by example it is seen flouting the norms itself. Over and above it deliberately misuses the SWD for carrying sewage water.  I hope the city fathers take cognizance  this aberration.

Click here for earlier report in the 9th main area


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Some Pictures of the event

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Picture 1 A left out Corner covered by previous granite slab

Picture 2. Near the 80Ft road SWD

Picture 3 Copious Sewage water flow in the Big SWD on 80 ft road Indiranagar


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Thanks for the pics

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Pics makes the post so much better, even if we are talking sewerage water drains! Sad to hear the BBMP Engineer ditched the meet.

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SWD Event

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As I suggested earlier, the problem has to be tackled at the Design stage. The Design/Engineering Cell in BBMP may have to be contacted.K.V.Pathy comment guidelines

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