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Urban Commute Vehicles

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 People of Bangalore have variety of ways to commute. Few take the  buses,  few drive bikes, few drive automatic scooters, few drive small cars, few drive MUVs,SUVs ,few drive large cars, few drive bicycles, few take autos and last but not the least very few walk. Everyone has their own justification for what mode of transport they are using.

Ideally  for a Metro city like Bangalore with high population density, Public Transport like Metro and buses should be ideally used along with walking and intermittent taxis/autos. Due to last mile connectivity problems, some people cannot get the public transport access at walkable distance. They have no option, but to use private transport. They have to use it till the nearest public transport hub. This private transport should be ideally bicycle.

In Bangalore on the other hand, fully private transport is being used by more than 50% of the people. In case of Private Transport, in cities like Bangalore, it can withstand Bicycles, 2 wheelers and to some extent small cars.On the other hand, people are moving towards Larger Cars in 'C' and 'D' Segments  like Skoda Laura, Toyota Corolla, Honda Civic and  even Mercedes 'S' class and SUVs/MUVs like CRV, Fortuner, Innovas for urban transport on our small roads which were built to accomodate bicycles and 2 wheelers.

Then comes the BBMP's road widening plans, destruction of poor man's properties on an illogical TDR scheme.

Do we really need such large cars and SUVs/MUVs for city commute. At the maximum we may be travelling at 60 kph and in occasional stretches on ORR like roads at 80kph. We occassionally drive between cities at that time these large cars may be useful due to its safety features. But, same safety features are built on small cars too. If safety is the concern, why not use Train or Buses for intercity travel.

These large cars burn so much of fuel just to move one person from one place to another which can be done by a 50,000 bike too or by 1 lakh car too.Most probably we will be driving alone or along with wife and 2 kids. Why do we need such a large interior space? It will be difficult to drive and park as well. Accomodating such large cars at home is another problem.

At the same time, there is so much of parking problem. They occupy lots of space in Parking lots. 

Government officials and ministers all buy these kind of luxury large cars and SUVs for home to office commute who have to be role models for the public. I don't know who is granting them such luxurious large Cars/SUVs for official use.

India in General and Bangalore in Particular should get car rental facilities like we have in the west wherein which people can rent large cars/SUVs for intercity travel and use small cars / bikes for intracity travel (ofcourse PT should be used, but those who want to commute by private vehicles). We have it in the other form in the type of Travels such as Hertz/Akbar Travels who give the cars along with drivers (chauffer driven). People can use these vehicles as of now if they want large private transport for intercity travel.

Why not we all Praja members take an initiative to switch to small and fuel efficient cars preferrably of 'A' segment such as Alto/Santro/Spark?  We also have plenty of small electric cars like i10 and spark electric along with our good old Reva. They would be good on pocket and environment too. I came to know that i10 and spark electric can travel 100 kms on a full charge. They would be even better.

We should also have a rule to prevent the purchase of luxury large cars for MLAs/MPs and Government officials. comment guidelines

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