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LEDs on Vehicles - Regulations = better safety for all?

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With LEDs becoming cheaper, many have started fitting LEDs to vehicles as decorations.

If fitted with care and some common sense they can look attractive and improve the vehicle's visibility.

The problem starts with people using random colors and placing them on random parts of the vehicle.

I saw a taxi cab with flashing blue and red LEDs on the windscreen.

Fitting LEDs are probably illegal, but the RTO and police and the MV departments will not act until it is too late.

Hopefully, this can be brought to the notice of the concerned lawmakers and suitable rules can be framed.



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So agree with this. Rto needs

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So agree with this. Rto needs to start fining heavily all vehicles with any colour other than red Amber and white. Especially ones which blink and mimic emergency vehicle colours. Strip the attachment and confiscate it right there comment guidelines

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