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Omni City Taxi - Where do you fit in?

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After BIAL, omni based city taxis are running low on business. Except for few taxis from Railway Station, no where they have business. They are also not coming out of their 'egos'.

The charges on city taxi is very high without much comfort level unlike Airport Logan Based Taxis which are airconditioned, have GPS etc..

15 rupees for airport taxi per km vs 13 rupees for omni based taxi is high.

Why not they come down and also start shared services. Why not reduce charges to atleast 9-10 rupees per km. They can run shared services in 8 seater omni from Metro Station and TTMCs.

It has becoome like na ghar ka na ghaat ka...

Mumbai is now having Santro Taxis, few of them are airconditioned.

Why is Bangalore lagging behind in Taxis?




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They don't even charge per km

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They don't even charge per km from where they get the maximum business (Railway Stations that is). They charge lumpsum amount. In fact the Logan taxis turn out cheaper than Omni taxis from the Railway Stations if you are going at place, say, 13km away.

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