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Underground Parking - whats the big deal?


 It has been in news since some time that BBMP is planning underground parking lots under playgrounds and other public amenities like parks etc..

more on this in this link..

Metro Ph II to HSR..why Monorail?

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 So the routes, at least the end points, are finally out from the DPR for PH II. I still dont understand what makes the DMRCL a better authority to develop these reports, no Idea of what traffic studies were done and what surveys were done..never heard of any..thought these are the basic inputs for putting out a plan report..

Suranjan das road widening ... silver oaks cut!


I was completely taken aback when I saw stumps of the tall silver oaks in front of HAL engine div today morning..

Did some checking and found that 

FW: Blr Autos - Have you been taken for a ride lately?


Forwarding will help for all of us ... FYI Bangaloreans.

You are in a hurry to catch the train. You pack all your stuff and frantically run out in the hope of catching an auto. You come out and see 5 autos standing at the corner. You thank God and ask them - "Majestic chaloge kya??” The Answer is "Rs 200 hoga!!”. "Kya?? It just cost Rs 100 till Majestic". "Bahut rush hai sir!!". You move on to the next auto, to try your luck and surprisingly, you have the same conversation "Bahut rush hai sir!!". Finally you give up and bargain the price to Rs 170 and hope you don't miss your train.

Sounds more than familiar??

Are trees needed in this city?

Everything else

 Very unfortunate but many in this city seems to hate trees now, trees get bad press when they fall during rains and storms. We like the shade they give, especially during hot summers, but also curse them for the jams created after a storm..fallen branches etc..

BBMP has gone to the extent that they have planted signs below the trees on Chord Road: “Warning! There is a chance of trees and branches falling during the rain. So drive cautiously.”

We, without understanding these trees are out to blame them for the damage they cause. So why do branches fall off trees? There are a few reasons as below:

1. A Weak Branch Union occurs when a branch and stem (or two or more co-dominant stems) grow so closely together that bark grows between them, inside the tree. The term for bark growing inside the tree is “included bark.” As more and more bark is included inside the tree, the weak union is formed that is more likely to fail.

Delhi/Mumbai get wider spans...not Blr why?

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 To expedite the process and make it more cost effective, Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) is making use of gigantic 25 metre-long girders to join spans on elevated stretch of the section.

‘‘The cost of construction with the existing 3-meter spans works out to Rs 24 crore per km, while the 25-meter ones cost Rs 19 crore per km. So using the bigger spans will result in a saving of nearly Rs 5 crore per km,’’ said a DMRC official.

It  looks like this..

The bigger spans work out to be more economical and also speed up pace of the construction. Officials said it takes about a week to join the space between two pillars using segmental construction while the bigger spans can be put in place in just one day.

NICE comparison!


 There was a recent comparison of the UP state Yamuna expressway and BMIC by the editor of Vijaya Karnataka news paper..

This by-far looks a neutral review/comparison of the projects. The salient points are as below:



Yamuna Expressway




The adieu to the Majestic bus stand!

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"Kempe Gowda or Majestic bus station may soon become history as the government has initiated the process of decentralization of the bus terminals.

BMRCL Ph II DPR route?

Metro RailPublic Transport

Naveen presented a good summary of his meeting with BMRCL

One thing that came of that was the DPR for the phase II was in the final stages and would be out soon..there are already questions on

Yaara Appana Mane Gantu?

Everything else

or 'Yaara Appana hesaralli Saala?'

The above line depicts it better 'Whose loan is it anyways'..we all know BBMP/Govt coffers are empty and they are living on loans..but what are they doing about it? Nothing..all they are doing is :

Volvo's or Marcopolo's?

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JnNurm funds are being used and announcements being made by BMTC about launching new busses on Blr roads..everything is being done in a hurry..

They are saying about 200 of Marcopolo's will be ordered..are they worth it? They cost 20-30% less than the Volvo's but have been found lacking in refinements which are basic at that cost!

1. The engines are way too noisy...even on normal roads..the bus struggles to start and passengers in  the bus can hear the loud engine..even people in the traffic arround the bus can hear the loud noise!

2. The AC is not efficient..there are reports of passengers sweating inside the bus!

3.The automatic doors have issues and transmission too

With all the issues, is it really  worth going for these busses..

On the other hand KSRTC low floor bus design has been found commendable by the centre

Should we just go for such busses than the Marcopolos?

Metro - try get it right the first time!

Metro RailPublic Transport

 As we know there is an 'Indian' way of doing everything!

We never seem to follow lanes or queues..even our RJ's for traffic updates use words like 'nuggisokke aagthillava'! (are you not able to squeeze throuhg?)

Bangalore going la Paris way for Bikes!


For those wishing to travel short distances by bicycles in the business district of Bangalore, Paris-style, here’s good news 

The Union Ministry of Urban Development is planning to introduce the concept of “pool cycle” in the Garden City...

Benniganahalli bridge work underway


Finally!! http://timesofindia.india...

Any idea if the pedestrians are taken care of?? If not, we need to immediately get their attention on this!

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