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Are trees needed in this city?

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 Very unfortunate but many in this city seems to hate trees now, trees get bad press when they fall during rains and storms. We like the shade they give, especially during hot summers, but also curse them for the jams created after a storm..fallen branches etc..

BBMP has gone to the extent that they have planted signs below the trees on Chord Road: “Warning! There is a chance of trees and branches falling during the rain. So drive cautiously.”

We, without understanding these trees are out to blame them for the damage they cause. So why do branches fall off trees? There are a few reasons as below:

1. A Weak Branch Union occurs when a branch and stem (or two or more co-dominant stems) grow so closely together that bark grows between them, inside the tree. The term for bark growing inside the tree is “included bark.” As more and more bark is included inside the tree, the weak union is formed that is more likely to fail.

A weak union more looks a ‘V’ and a strong union looks like a ‘U’. Proper tree care especially during tree growth will avoid weak unions.

2. Epicormic branches (also called water sprouts) are formed as a response to injury or environmental stress. Epicormic branches are new branches that replaced injured, pruned or declining branches. Commonly, epicormic branches form on the stems and branches of topped trees. When old, large epicormic branches are growing on decaying stems or branches, the epicormics are very likely to fail.

KEB is known to do this unscientific cutting which results in damage. Even shop owners are doing this to improve 'view' of their property!

3. Branches which are denied exposure to sunlight due to foliage above, sometimes from the same tree, also tend to die and fall. These branches need to be trimmed as the tree grows.

So, proper scientific tree care should prevent accidents due to trees.

Hope the people and the government understand this simple thought and preserves Gustav Krumbigal’s and others great contribution to this city and promotes trees and tree cover!


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 I totally agree! I so miss

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 I totally agree! I so miss the trees on Sheshadri road and Malleshwaram :( Cut for "development". Also in many other places since some of them have fallen due to rain. No wonder Bangalore is getting warmer day by day, breaking all previous records of highest temperatures.

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  No wonder Bangalore is

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  No wonder Bangalore is getting warmer day by day, breaking all previous records of highest temperatures.

If you didnt notice most of India has been that way this year

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BBMP is the problem!

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BBMP's road widening program is the culprit which is murdering our 200-300 year old trees and the main person behind this is Bharat Lal Meena. Once he took over, he had a presentation to ministers on widening, underpasses etc without any PHPDT figures from Traffic Police.

Can ne do something to stop this foolish act of BBMP? Why BJP Government has become rubber stamp to BBMP's acts without having any concerns to environment, people's sentiments. Hey BJP Government, Bangalore has elected you as a major party in this BBMP election. Otherwise you will loose in the upcoming elections.

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people need convincing too..

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unfortunately its not just the authorities..the general public also need to be convinced about the need for trees..there are many examples in the city where trees are a must along the roads..

There are many traffic signals/junctions where there are tall trees providing much needed shade and we see two wheelers trying to huddle under the shade where ever available(as below - a pic taken today on residency road).

 This was the very specific reason that shady trees with big canopy's were planted during the Maharaja/Diwan times.

Tree lined corridors like the Kasturba road or the Nanda road are known to bring down tempratures  by atleast 1-2 deg's.

Also they are known to affect the rain fall too..

There are many many advantages of having these around..all that is needed is some scientic planning..and the symbiosis will be worthwhile! comment guidelines

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