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Driving License Renewal from RTO without touts/agents, No bribe, No corruption


So it was time to renew my drivers license and most suggestions from folks was 'give it to the local driving school guy, he will do it for a few 100'

Metro ph 2 and Jayadeva interchange

It was in 2010, in a meeting for tendersure plan review at STUP office that a discussion on marenahalli road came up and the review board member said that STUP had proposed a elevated road and metro line resting on the same pillar was the best sollution on marenahalli road to handle traffic on the busy jayanagar/btm stretch including Jayadeva.

Madiwala lake encroachment plans

It was a few years ago around 2004..stuck on the BTM layout road btw the them Udupi Garden junction and SB..I missed many important client calls..I cursed everyone, everything..but never did I wish for a BETL flyover or more roads,..aparently after 10 years everything I did not wish for is happening!

Garbage daily or weekly?

Public Health

Was watching SatyamevaJayate on TV the other day and as usual there was loads of emotions and the story was about garbage collectors or 'poura-karmikas' in BBMP terms..where they went around explaning their position and it was interesting indeed.

They on a everyday basis handle hazardous waste insluding diapers and other other harmful garbage.

Monorail or Metro ph III?

BMRCL is buoyed by the approvals they have received for ph II implementation that they have gove ahead to plan for ph III by initiating the study with RITES.

And the other very interesting development that has happened in the last few days is the Mumbai monorail going is a picutre of the train inside:

Asphalt Milling? whats that?

So its a tale of two roads where tar is being relaid in our city now..

  • Double road/KH road which has a new coat of tar
  • Mysore road flyover where the road is being relaid

KH road work started last week and a nice thick coat of tar is already laid. However the Mysore road flover work started 2 weeks ago and is not half done yet!

City debt stands at 14K crores!


The city's civic agencies thrive on borrowing.Outstanding

Concrete solution for Blr craters

The notorious potholes (craters) are back with a bang after the rains and all major and minor roads are full of it to the extent that we need to search for those short stretches of decent roads left.


BIG discussions on FB


LRT for CBD?

Public Transport

BMTC plays a major role in providing the only PT option for Bangalore. However even with busses there is a section of the society which swears by the direction based routing as a solution for better and faster PT within the city, instead of the destination based one which is what we have predominantly now.

How is Metro Ph II best done?

Metro Rail

Metro ph II is ready to kick off soon with the approvals coming in from Delhi. There is still lot of discussions pending on the utility and the routes. With the change in ledership there is a possible  opportunity to start discussions to optimize routes. The current PH II route with stations is in the below link:

Akrama back in news!

Urban Development

Its that time of the season again when the discussions on Akrama/Sakrama is back to the fore with the new govt taking over the reigns.

V and U needed for metro?

Metro Rail

Hindu today carried a front page news item about the metro allignment on the Byp PH II extension to Whitefield. It was more a report based on renewed outcry from certain sections of public..below is the map of contention from the paper:

BMTC new website - reviews

Bus has opened to public and TOI mentions about it as below:

The big 'foot path' scam in BBMP

We all knew BBMP is the cash cow for all politicians and its contractors along with the so called engineers. The engineers are really good at engineering ways to let fake bills and fake payments to be done without works being carried out..

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