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Our Worshipfull Corporaters

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Shri. S.K.Nataraj, Worshipful Mayor , No. 144, 12th Cross,3rd Main, Sarakki Grama, Bangalore-560078 Mobile : 9845013157



Shri. Dayananda N, Deputy Mayor, BBMP,  No. 129, 3rd Cross, 5th Main Road, O M B R  Layout, Lalbahadur Nagar, B Channasandra, Bangalore-560043  Mobile : 9886785719


I tried to contact the deputy mayor several times. Each time I tried there was no response.

 Frustrated I met our corporater  Sri Vijaykumar (Actually the husband of Sumitra Vijaykumar the corporator.) He gave me an alternative number for getting in touch with the deputy mayor (98444-59289). This also failed as the number is permanently switched off.

As reported earlier I had a very good experience of meeting our ward # 58 corporator sri Vijaykumar. Really a hard working Corporator. I have absolutely no doubt about this particular person is going far in his mission.

I am planning to visit the deputy mayor at his residence. I am told he is a computer savy person. I have great expectations from Shri. Dayananda N, Deputy Mayor, BBMP. Shri. S.K.Nataraj, Worshipful Mayor, is a very busy person. However he responds to his mobile. He is true crusader I am told. 


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Finally Succeeded

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To day at about 5:00 I could finally get Sri N Dayananda, the deputy Mayor on his mobile. He was in a meeting. He asked me to call after 6 PM. Hope I can get to talk to him. It was indeed a great relief after the day long frustration.

I really wonder why the mayor and his deputy should not have a PA to answer their mobile calls. It would save them and the public the unnecessary embarrassment. 

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Anantram saaybare'

Can we in these times dispense with the usage of anachronisms such as 'worshipful' when referring to anyone, however high his position, please?

It will be excellent if you can get a meeting with Mr Dayananda. Do also try to get a meeting with the Commissioner, Mr Meena.

Muralidhar Rao
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The “worshipful” title is given in the BBMP site.

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Times have changed but we Indians Have not. We in India have the unique distinction of being ruled by the British for 400 years. The “worshipful” title is given in the BBMP site. My purpose to use the same was to get the true Praja response. Who else but Murali can give it? Your sentiments are truly appropriate.

I am continuing the efforts to get an audience with the deputy mayor. They the Deputy Mayor and other corporaters were in fact very busy this whole week.

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'worhipful' - the real angle?

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I too have been noticing this "worshipful" bit in all those newspaper ads (self  promotion exercise by govt). Mayor always gets the intersting title - worshipful.

Perhaps, it came about like this. BBMP Mayor usually shows up along with the ministers (Katta, Ashok) or even the CM. They are tagged "honorable". Mayor needs something different to make sure we get the 'difference'.

A very sad and overdramatic title though, just does not fit. Someone must have done literal English translation of "Poojya-neeya".

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“Worshipful” another angle

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I too felt the same way as Pranav above, for some time. However when I thought about it further I realized that people in mayoral office of a city are in fact alluded as city Fathers. This is because they are in the position of a father (head) of a family, with the sole responsibility of looking after the welfare of all its citizens. A city is in fact a dwelling place of all the people living in it. Over a period of time they get to accumulate fond memories living in it, with all its social economic aspects.


However they are not part of the civic triangle. The MLAs and Mps are.

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Seems from British

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I just got curious and googled for 'worshipful'. See this link It says :

(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) (often capital) Chiefly Brit a title used to address or refer to various people or bodies of distinguished rank, such as mayors and certain ancient companies of the City of London

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