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Covering of all Storm water drains at ward 74 Jeevan Bhimanagar, Bengalooru

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Everything else

 All the SWDs at Ward no 74 are being covered fully. The entire cross roads are being provided with Road humps. I believe this is happening in all the other BBMP Wards. I have the following points 

  1. Is this operation backed by an authentic well thought out and approved design?
  2. Is the execution fool proof?
  3. Is the BBMP really serious this time?
  4. What happens if there is a change of guard in BBMP half way through?
  5. Etc. 

The reason for my skepticism is that some of the HAL II stage SWDs cleaned are left partially uncovered exactly as before the cleaning operation.

I am also seeing fresh sewer water letting in to SWDs in our ward.   I believe this phenomenon is there to stay. I propose to elaborate on this issue in a separate thread later. 



















Picture - 1 First Slab in position



















Picture 2 - Discarded existing Stone Slabs.



















Picture - 3. Second RCC Slab.

 Picture 4. Ready for the Cross road Hump.

I believe mr. Bharat Lal Meena prefers action  to mere words.



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Common sense

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Picture 4. Ready for the Cross road Hump.

More like a hop, skip & jump. Scientific or not, common sense is a rare commodity. comment guidelines

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