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Project feature is almost here

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We are doing some live testing for an often requested feature - "project". See this KSRTC project to get a feel for what we are upto. Idea is to create a basic structure to group people and posts together.

We will not be providing too many elaborate project management features. Will wait and watch the usage before adding on more. A Praja "project":

  • is a simple tool that clubs together people, and posts associated with a project
  • will be given increased visibility on the main page and city front pages
  • would ideally result from a usual discussion on the website
  • will provide lots of authentic and useful content to drive meaningful discussions on the website.

Lets see how this goes.

We will try move all past projects (BIAL RTI, BMTC interaction etc) into this new feature.

And yeah, the feature is still in development - so do report things that are broken.


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Project feature is here!

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Everyone should see New Projects on the Front Page on the left side.

For now we have created a Project Manager role and only he can create a Project. Also, currently this role is not based on the userpoints but is being set manually by the admins.

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Some feedback on Projects as of today

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Feature requests:

> Ability to assign tasks to the entire team (apart from now available individual member option)

> Ability to attach files (define a reasonable size) directly to tasks under progress. If available already, I cannot figure out how.

> Got an email from Praja asking me to approve a member to be part of a project team. Such requests should appear as links directly on Project homepage, so admins can approve. I can't figure out how to do it with a request I received already.

> A quick link to change status of a task. Right now, seems like it can only be changed when writing a new comment!


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Cannot make comments under projects

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"You must create a project before adding cases" - this comment keeps appearing if comments are attempted to be posted under any project. If project work & related inputs is being made privy to only selected project workers, fine, but can members not comment or provide insights too ?

I had a comment for Ravi's project about collecting building data, but have been unable to post it under his project, hence posting it here.

Ravi - I have a hard copy of BDA's revised masterplan 2015 about zoning land use & regulation (68 pages) - this is relevant since it includes buidling byelaws. If needed, it can be used. What help do you need when you say "help with sharing these documents as attachments here?"  ? comment guidelines

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