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New email notifications from Praja

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 The Praja Tech team is happy to introduce new and improved email notifications system on Praja.


Praja users have the option of receiving email notifications when there is a comment on a post they are interested in. It can be a post authored by you, or a post you commented on. While the existing notification system was working, it was not perfect and we have now rolled out a new notification system.


The old notification system was restricted in terms of its functionality and scalability. As Praja grows, we wanted to have the ability to send notifications to a larger number of users, send notifications through SMS etc. We will now also have ways to make the notifications better formatted and more useful. In addition, with the new system, it will also be possible to receive notifications for any activity within a project group, which is a critical functionality for project teams.

How does it work?

When you create a new post, you are automatically 'subscribed' to notifications for any comments to that post. Similarly, when you comment on a post, you will be automatically notified of further comments. In addition, one can subscribe to a particular post (or author or tag) by clicking the subscriptions link below each post. Fill in the frequency of updates you prefer and you are done!

If you are getting too many updates, you can manage all your subscriptions by going to Home page -> My accounts -> Notifications.

What is the catch?

Unfortunately, since we have moved to the new system, you will not receive notifications for posts that you had subscribed (automatically or otherwise) before this switchover. The new and the old systems are incompatible so we had not been able to migrate your existing subscriptions. We apologise for this inconvenience and hope that in the grater interest of future growth and scalability, you will bear with us.

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