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New feature - search Bengaluru related sarkaari websites

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Praja related

No big deal this, but we have put up a new feature wherein you can search through all well known Bengaluru related public websites. Its essentially a list of all sarkaari websites pointed out by the geeks of put inside a "custom search" widget that will search only this universe of 25-30 websites.

Find it on the main page, top right corner, you just have to select "Bangalore public sites" before you hit search. For example, type "TTMC", search bangalore public sites, and find about more TTMCs in the making.

If you know some odd and not so well known sarkaari sites (Bangalore or state govt level) that we may have missed, leave a comment here, and we will add them.

One thing which is on our wishlist is this. We are not sure if google searches through the tenders on Karnataka govt's eprocurement websites. Would be cool if we could look through all tenders on eprocurement sites as well.

Anyway. Enjoy. And thank Google for their custom search feature.


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added iisc, new bbmp sites

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Have added to the site list.

Also added those new bbmp sites on lakes, elections. Thanks to Vaishnavi for pointing them out.

Lots of sites are already present.

Have added and as well, but search doesn't seem to look up the tender notices available on these sites.

Karnataka eproc site shows up in some search results.

BBMP bus timings don't show up in searches. For example, search "335E timing", you would expect some page from to show up, it does not.

Anyone from google - can you help us with some finer customizations of the google custom search widget - we guess there would be some undocumented options to make this better.

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something like would be real cool.


those in tech who understand all the geekity goo of all this, what would it take to customize this to our concerns?

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also, can you please take me off this points business. once you start counting numbers and i become aware of it,  i tend to get competitive and i can assure you that i will make a thousand meaningless posts just to get points. 21 years i have spent chasing numbers, i want a free ride from now on and do what i love and prefer all the measuring to be left to my concious. if you want points, let that be based on how readers vote, if they vote at all.

i think we should respect the maturity of the posters here. anybody who oversteps i am all for purging that doode/doodette's previliges. i have all sorts of time now and can and will purge any uppity character. the rest should be free to comment on their will, without being graded by a juvenile system. comment guidelines

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