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How do I create a Blog

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How do I create a blog

In order to maintain the qulity of content at a consistent level, currently does not allow all the users to have their own blogs. You can still comment on the blogs and create new topics on the forums. However, if you want to join us as a blogger, we always welcome you. See here for details.


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Dear Prajayists, 

There is an article in www. in which it is stated that the PRR Project is orphaned and one Mr. R K Misra, member of Chief Minister's ABIDe (Agenda for Bangalore Infrastructure and Development Task Force) is said to have opined that PRR Project is poorly planned. I feel it is quite wrong to say that the PRR especially Phase-1 connecting Hosur Road to Tumkur Road via Old Madras Road is poorly planned. A lot of attention was given by the BDA to this Project. It is a very wide road measuring 100 meters and even NH Authorities had refused to undertake this on the ground that they have mandate only to lay road up to 60 meters wide. Kindly go through the PRR SCHEME VOL 1 & 2 and MILESTONES  in BDA-PRR Web Site. One canl understand how pains taking this Project is and the earnestness of the BDA. It is an Access Controlled Road with Underpasses at every 2 kms to facilitate moving to the neighbourhood. The concept is quite good and once it is realised it will be a feather in the cap of BDA. Other City Dev. Authorities in India will emulate the modus operandi adopted by the BDA for  this Project

 Where BDA has gone wrong is in dragging its feet over the compensation to the land losers. They have to decide it,at least now, without further delay. There are three options to compensate the land losers: 1. Giving TDR ( Transfer of Dev. Right Certificate) 2. Giving alternate BDA Site 3. Monetary Compensation. Out of the three the first one is quite ideal and does not involve any expenditure on the part of the Govt. They have mentioned the TDR Facility in the Master Plan 2015 but now says that only the  BBMP has that facility. BDA has to quickly amend their bye-laws to faciliate issue of TDR Certificates. The second option also does not cost much to the exchequer. Land losers will be very much interested in opting  for BDA Sites by way of compensation.  Land losers should be properly educated as to the advantage of the above two and finally the third option is to be exercised. They can convene a meeting of the land losers Hobli wise and complete the process. Since the development of the PRR is on BOT (Build, Operate and Transfer) basis the Contractor will bear the cost and realise it through Toll collection for a particular period of time. Again I stress the point that PRR is a well thought out project and BDA deserves everyone's appreciation once it is realized after surmounting all the hurdles. Once the Project is completed it will go a long way to decongest the traffic in the city and enhance the prestige of not only the city but also the whole of Karnataka. It will become a haven for the Investors all over the world.

Yours truly,

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