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Flyover on Outer Ring Road - Details?

This is my first post on Praja. Does anybody have the plans / designs for the Flyovers that are being built and designs being planned to make the Outer Ring Road "Signal Free"? The current ring road is not very well designed and I am very curious to know what the news plans are and if there was a way to make it better. How does one get hold of such a plan? Will a RTI request to BDA work? If someone already has this information, please share it with me. If you have any advice on how to get this information, any advice will be appreciated. Thanks!

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Write to BDA, I just did

If 4-5 of us write to BDA asking for the design of the two flyovers, I am sure we will hear back. From what I have followed of the project, it seems to me that they have glossed over transparency norms to get this done fast. Going by that observation, very little chance they we will get to influence the designs in anyway at all.

But let us ask for it. I picked out some email addresses from BDA website ( and just sent email to comissioner and engineer member requesting for the designs. Or else, RTI the last route. Also, there are some phone numbers on that you can call.

Here is what I wrote (to em [at] and com [at], look fwd to others joining in.


Subject: Design of upcoming ORR Flyovers at Ibulur and Agara

Dear sir,

Congratulations on taking up the new flyover projects on Outer Ring Road. Some of us who are residents or frequent users of Ibulur and Agara Outer Ring Road are very curious to see the detailed designs and future traffic flow plans for these two new flyovers. It will be great if you can upload the designs on BDA website. Otherwise, if you can mail the documents to us, we will try to put them up on



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I wrote an email too

Thanks. I sent BDA an email as you suggested. Let us wait a few days and see what happens. Please let me know if you get a response. In additon to the flyover works, I also asked about the planned Singnal Free ORR works along the ring road as well. If others are interested in this project, can you please help by writing in as well?
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I sent an email out too...

Now the long wait...


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received a response from BDA commish

I received this reply from the BDA commissioner Now hoping to see the details uploaded on the BDA website. I had also asked for information on the rest of the signal free Outer RIng Road project (apart from Agara and Iblur, but did not receive a response to that). Now the wait for the documents to be uploaded!

Dear Sri Sanjay, Greetings from BDA. Noted the contents of your email. The Engineer Member/Public Relation Officer have been directed to upload the details and designs of new flyover projects on Outer Ring Road(Iblur and Agara ORR) on our website
With regards,
BDA., Bangalore.

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Received the same response as above

Thanks to Comissioner, BDA for this prompt reply.  Always good to know someone is listening.



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Designs uploaded yet?

Can some else search the BDA website in case I dodn't know where to look for these docs or images?

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I have not found anything yet

I looked around and did not find any info. But again, I do not know exactly where to look.
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New Info

Update on this thread.  I have not found any info from the BDA website.  However, I found this article with some information, FYI.

I guess the next step is to file an RTI request? That is my plan.

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Still not there on BDA site

Sad that while at least two organizations have obtained the flyover designs via RTI, BDA has still not uploaded these on their website. Nor has the design been made available near the work sites (they recently put up project details - two small yellow color boards - at both work sites).

Perhaps BDA wants to make more people write RTIs to them, it could help them raise their RTI compliance scores - 3 on 3, ye ye!

I think there should be a provision in RTI law saying that all "successful" RTI replies must be proactively made available to the public.

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Got the plans!

I finally got a copy of the plans, courtesy of the nice folks at Citizen Matters.   It is a regular engineering drawing with sparse, esoteric details, on kind of large paper.  I will attempt to scan the drawing into electronic format and post for folks to see and comment.

Watch this space.  Thanks.
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Agara & Iblur Flyovers on ORR

These are extracts from Citizen matters magazine. A picture of the Agara flyover is included, but not the one at Iblur (there are obviously some errors with the dimensions quoted).


The Agara project consists of two flyovers. While the width of one measures 3.5 meters, the other is 5.5 meters. In between the flyovers are the bus lanes which are 0.6 meters wide. One of the bus lanes will be directed towards Iblur and the other towards Silk Board. On either extreme are service roads, each measuring 0.6 meters in width. The entire length of this flyover is about 900 meters. Specifications of pavements on the service road have not been mentioned though they do figure in the drawings. Also, no bus stop has been indicated in this drawing as in the Iblur project. According to Prem Kumar, Assistant Executive Engineer, BDA , the space below the flyovers will be utilised for landscaping. Narnampatti points out that there are no markings for a pedestrian crossing in both the plans.

Comparing the two drawings (general alignment), the Agara drawing does not mention any contractor while the Iblur one mentions the contractor to be Nagarjuna Construction Co. Limited. There is also a difference in the terms used for bus lanes. While the Agara plan refers to them as bus lanes, the same is called BRTS lane in the Iblur plan. Also, the Agara junction has two flyovers because of the number of cross roads at the junction, whereas there is only one flyover at Iblur junction because there aren't as many cross roads.

The Iblur project includes a right carriageway (flyover) which is 11 meters wide, left carriageway (grade level road) which is 13 meters wide, two Bus Rapid Transit Systems (BRTS) lanes, each measuring 3.5 meters in width and a service road which is 6 meters wide. The length of this entire stretch is 642 meters. One bus bay is indicated in the drawing, which is 2.5 meters wide. Vijay Narnampatti, architect and member of Hasiru Usiru, says that a circle at the junction that leads to Sarjapur might be a good idea. “A large circle at this junction will help keep the traffic moving. An underpass like the one at Mekhri Circle will also help. This will avoid the need for a signal at this junction,” he explains.

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Copy of drawings

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Thanks for the dwgs, Sanjayv

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pedestrian plan?

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Not imp enough for a blueprint?

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