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BWSSB - Praja Observations

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Praja observations and recommendations

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1) Excessively dependent on rivers.
2) Reservoirs are old and have not been augmented.
3) All sewerage is not treated.
4) Subsidy is ill-conceived; prices do not increase commensurate with inflation.
5) Excellent step with compulsory rainwater harvesting.
6) Untreated industrial hazards mix with sewerage and sometimes sewerage mixes with stormwater.

1) More reservoirs need to be built - movement noticed but need to be speeded up.
2) Double pipelines - need to be mandatory in new layouts. Expensive but pays back in the long run. Again, movement in that direction.
3) Need to coordinate with BBMP to infiltrate stormwater - many advantages. Need to coordinate with BDA/BMRDA et al. to ensure new layouts comply with water rules before layout/building permission is given.
4) Subsidy needs to be eliminated or rationalized for poorer sections only.
5) Mini sewage treatment plants to be built at lakes - charge surrounding industries/residences currently discharging to recover the cost. Supply treated water around surrounding areas for non-potable purposes. Ditto with hig-rise flats/offices and heavy use locations etc.
6) Division or bi-,tri-, or quadri- furcation for better efficiency if needed.
7) Required staff to be recruited, continuing education for the staff, most equipment/machinery to be used. Again, movement noticed.
8) Website to be updated on a regular basis. Need information such as tariff, subsidy, technical, aid, project, staff, RTI information etc.
9) Penalty and/or "sakrama" for unauthorised connections.
10) BWSSB should coordinate with KSPCB to mandate pre-treatment of industrial/commercial/hospital hazardous waste before being let into sewerage system. Should coordinate with BBMP to not allow mixing of stormwater and sewerage.

{praja discussion on RWH}
{BBMP gyan and related links for stormwater infiltratio (echoed by ABIDe! Clearer division of labour in the comment) and http://www.deccanherald.c...
http://www.deccanherald.c... OR


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Extreme difficulty of water this year near our house

 From past April, we are facing lot of difficulty for water near our house at Banashankari iii stage. Water comes for hardly 1-2 hour once in a week. It will not 'climb' the taps inside home. For drinking purpose, we have to collect it by putting the buckets within the sump in the portico and it is extremely tiring. We complained so many times to BWSSB which is just 3 blocks from our house, but it is of no use. I complained even to call centre and wrote mail to Chairman, Pro and Callcentre.

Our entire road is not getting water properly. Most of the people here have taken borewell connection and hence are not bothering. Unfortunately for us, as said by the borewell company, borewell water will not come within our residential site. Only few like us who do not have borewell facility are bothered and fighting.

Other localities nearby are all getting the water properly. It is our local inefficient BWSSB office who is causing the problem.

I needed the information from Praja whom to escalate this problem.

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relevant debates - may be

So, we are both agreed that BWSSB is not the kind of agency that should be entrusted with the job, but instead a body that is more accountable to the people – something like the BMP. In fact, I believe, that’s currently under discussion along with the proposal for the formation of the Bruhat BMP. Not just water supply, but also power, bus services, METRO, garbage collection / disposal, traffic policing, etc etc. Now, to expect a body like BMP to manage all these by itself, you will agree, is quite unthinkable. And, these functions are all equally critical.

For the full text of the debate, click here

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