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ORR/OMR - Extra loop at K R Puram

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Here is the plan BDA is going ahead with for this stretch. Anybody know what loop this is? Any idea what the improvement is? 

Rs 15 crore for the construction of additional loop and improvement of junction at K R Puram flyover


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This is what I was talking about

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When I brought up the BDA budget which had this exact same line item and budget amount.  Many folks felt the budget was some cut and paste operation and there was speculation about it.  The budget says a loop to connect OMR to ORR and widening of ORR for 15 crores.  In addition, there is 36 crores for creation of a facility for free turn to Bellary road for vehicles coming along ORR from Marathahalli.  You will also notice that tenders for grade separators at Mahadevapura and Kadubeesanahalli junctions have been approved for 39 and 36 crores respectively.  The budget document had these listed at 20crores each!  Nice inflation.

I think these guys are going to do a lot of stuff at the KR Puram traffic blender.  We should get hold of their plans and see how it can be improved and drive that pronto. I got the Bellandur and Devarabeesanahalli plans and consultants reports recently through an RTI.  Time is a constraint, but when you read the report and see the drawings, one doesn't know whether to laugh or to cry.  I work at DBHalli junction ... so understand that junction and its problems like the back of my palm.

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Good move

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In addition, there is 36 crores for creation of a facility for free turn to Bellary road for vehicles coming along ORR from Marathahalli.

This is a good move. I am hoping this is the right turn towards the airport from the ORR. There tends to be quite a backup on the ORR under the flyover. Are there any details on how this and the KR Puram loop is planned to be accomplished? I dont see anything on the BDA website.

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Share documents

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At sanjayv: Care to share the RTI documents as PDFs or images here? It seems that you think the documents are inadequate - may be it is obvious once the documents are read or may be you can share you thoughts here. Will be really helpful in either/both cases.

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shared documents already n

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 For the Bellandur and Devarabeesanahalli flyover, drawings are shared on a separate thread.

The consultant's report is hardcopy and 100 pages long.  Most of the pages are some cut and paste junk, but it is too much work for me now to scan and share, sorry!  I'll share some other time once things are less busy at my end.

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Flyover documents

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Huh! Did look at the drawings but didn't realize that those were it. They do look inadequate (do not seem to show extent/dimensions of surrounding structures, design of the flyover etc.). May be they are preliminary/conceptual?
The inadequacy probably relates to the comment by RKCHARI about using a "cartel" of lowest-cost bidders.
Just curious - are you/others going to do anything about improving the design or demanding an improved design?

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This was all I got.

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 This was all I got from them. They charged me something like Rs150/- per drawings as a reproduction charge.  What I would like is to do a detailed review of what is available and send feedback to the BDA, as a first step.  Ideally, would like to send it back before construction starts.  These drawings are by a consultant firm in Indira Nagar.  I don't understand the process fully... probably a careful perusal of the reports will help. 

Is anybody planning on getting copy of documents for the KR Puram planned works.  It takes a long time through the RTI process (nearly 2 months for me).  So it would be wise to move fast.

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KR Puram Fly over additional loop

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At KR Puram flyover, currently, there is no passage for vehicles coming from Hebbal side to go towards Indiragar on Old madras road. They either have to go through Kasthuri Nagar/NGEF or go on Old Madras Road in opposite direction and then take a U-Turn.

Hope this additional loop is for this purpose.

Sanjay Chitnis

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Absolutely right. The new

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Absolutely right. The new loop involves a new carriageway over the Belliganhalli track section, BESIDES the existing entry ramp from OMR. This ramp will become the EXIT ramp towards Indiranagar, while the new carriageway will connect an entry ramp from OMR to a four laner towards Ramamurthynagar and onwards.  

Rail overbridge at NGEF layout entrance will be shut when this happens, for construction of marshalling yard for Metro.

News received yesterday from a resident of NGEF layout.



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Solving congestion?

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From a congestion at the KR Puram bridge perspective, How much is this ORR-Indiranagar traffic compared to those heading towards ITPL/Marathahalli? Even today most Indiranagar bound traffic is already split at the Sadanandnagar junction yet we have congestion at KR Puram. I havent seen too many people from ORR go all the way to take a U turn under the KR puram bridge. Bottomline this extra appendage isnt solving any congestion at KR Puram is it? comment guidelines

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