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Transport Infrastructure Projects for Bengaluru Progressing nowhere

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Infrastructure projects related to Projects mainly Commuter Rail, Light Rail, Monorail and BRTS is not progressing anywhere. Both the earlier BJP and Congress Governments have forgotten the CTTP reports and the recent survey done by a UK based company which already had prepared DPR for the light rail on the western half of Outer Ring Road and Magadi Road. and a SSC Link


Way back in 2008, Scomi had proposed Monorail both for Mumbai and Bengaluru. Mumbai monorail is already operational, whereas Bengaluru Monorail is still in papers.

Why are our Governments in Karnataka, including old BJP and current Congress not considering any Public Transit based projects other than Metro and counting only on Metro to solve the traffic problems of Bangalore and improperly planned flyovers. There is no demand from Industrial sector like the IT companies demanding rail based transport, rather they are demanding flyovers all over the city.



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Feeder to Metro ....after 20 years (atleast)

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Read this report of Mr.Lad, says LRT will act as feeder to Metro...first of all does Mr.lad knows the following

1.Metro on the ring road is planned in phase will take atleast 25 years from now on...

2.He is talking about the feeder system to the metro which will be (hopefully) done in next 25 years...what should we call this...a great visioner ?

The simple way of solving the problem on ORR is to run buses on dedicated lanes. traffic will automatically be down by 25 %.

why these common sense things do not sink to our babus.

Are they fond of using fancy names LRT, Mono, Metro...



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which project of CTTP2007 has seen light of day except METRO

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Take look at CTTP 2007 proposals :

1. Suburban Rail /  Commuter Rail


3. Skywalks

4. Mono Rail

Except METRO nothing progressed in bangalore on Urban Transport Project and that too METRO not showing any desired results for known and unknown planning.

Inspite of last 6 years rigrous followup on Commuter Rail,  no progress fro Railway Board with lack of interest from GOK at the same time.  Why is that Chief Minister of Karnataka and Chief Secreatry of GOK keeping silent on this project ???

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Latest numbers from RTO

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We are adding more vehicles than the roads can take. There is no place to widen the roads or put a new one, but we are adding the vehicles continuously. See the article in TOI.

Was there a trial run for BRTS? If not, why there is a delay? Is someone getting cold feet? Why people like us never get a chance to do things? I don't get it.

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Delhi Metro Unable to keep up with load

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Delhi Metro is carrying nearly 25 lakhs of people and has offloaded nearly 3.91 lakh vehicles from road as per this report:

Unfortunately, it is unable to keep up with the demand due to every growing population of the city. It is already 8 car train and has a PPHD of 80,000 whereas Bangalore Metro is designed for a PPHD  of 50,000 with only 6 car trains currently running only with 3 cars. Even during speed trials, 6 car trains are not tested. Looking at the current speed of travel of Namma Metro, it takes 14 minutes from BYPL to MG Road. 6.5 kms in 14 minutes.  Approximately it is covering only 30 kms per hour. Thanks to the curves involved. Each train can carry approximately 2,000 people and at 3 minutes frequency, 20 trains can run per hour carrying 2,000 * 20, only 40,000 PPHD. 

By the time Metro reaches ITPL after 7 or 8 years from now, if we imagine the Metro, we might have even worse situation than Delhi. A passenger travelling all the way from Kengeri to ITPL would get fed up with so many stops and so much crowd .

Alternative modes of transport is very much essential. One is the commuter rail which could carry more people and much faster and with minimm stops more beneficial to suburbs to suburb travellers. Second is BRTS on the outer ring road, especially to solve the Bellandur Problem.  We also need feeder Monorails on the narrow stretches around Whitefield Area..Privatization let it rule here in Monorail / LRT front. Take quick steps and call private operators.

Why is IDD and GoK sleeping??? Why flyover projects moving fast compared to public transport ??

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CM planning Metro to Mysuru,Mangaluru,Belagavi and Hubballi

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Mr. Siddu... Please improve bus network in these cities first, then think of sustainable transport and finallyf Metro...

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Proposal with the central government

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I believe there is already a proposal (policy now?) with the central govt regarding mono rail for cities with more than 1 million population. Most people don’t know about this. What the CM is saying is not new. Feasibility study is going on (or completed) in Mysuru for mono rail.

OTOH, I saw the tv clipping show working folks get on to train in Whitefield.  It’s pathetic and our working folks deserve much better. Ladies struggling to get on to the train to go to work was horrible to see. Hope something like commuter rail would work out soon. Till I saw the clippings, I did not know the situation was that bad.  

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Heard that pgportal is more active.. Should we all lodge ?

154 users have liked. is more active after Modi government as per the reports in today Kannada Prabha.  Should we all login a complaint on the horrible state people are struggling to get into commuter rail.

Also we should all urge about Suburban rail for all the capital cities of India like Bengaluru, Hyderabad etc in MyGov, portal by Modiji.


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yes, please complain in PGPORTAL

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We need more people to compaln on Railway Minister and Railway Board not sanctioing and improving COmmuter Rail Facility for Bangalore.  This is where PM Modi and Railway Minister will give attention to Bangalore comment guidelines

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