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Utilizing existing trains

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Commuter RailPublic Transport members travelled by train and proved that the trains can be cheaper and faster also. Sop why not we consider the existing options and link with BMTC buses to the IT sector areas in the city? Just a list of them: * The stations which are very well connected with BMTC buses are Krishnarajapuram,Carmelram and whitefield stations. The are closer to the IT sectors also.

1. Krishnarajapuram Junction: It has the bus stop attached to it on the outer ring road side. almost all trains bound south stop at this station. BMTC buses connect well to:

a) ITPL: 304,306,319,600 series buses

b)Mahadevapura: 500A,500C,500D,500N,500L,501,501B,502A,C-1,BIAS-8,BIAS-8A

c)Bellandur: Same as Mahadevapira except 502A

Trains from Bangalore city:

Lalbagh Express at 6:30AM Marikuppam passenger at 7AM Chennai Express at 8AM Chennai Passenger at 9:20 Bangarpet passenger at 10 Good parking facility available at city station/cantt station.

Train take 30 minutes to K.R.Puram and a bus to ITPL takes about 20 minutes=50 minutes total time. But daily tickets will result in wasting time-a season pass is the best. Return the last train from Krishnarajapuram is Bangarpet bangalore Express at 22:30hrs-and is reliable-chances of not turning up is quite less. Fare is Rs. 13/- by expresses.

2.Whitefield: Whitefield is the next station on the line but only a few trains stop here. The marikuppam passenger at 7,Chennai Express at 8,Arakkonam passenger at 9:20 have a stop here. Last train on return is the Bangarpet Bangalore Express at 22:15hrs. Bus stop is not very far-about 5-10 minutes walk. Buses from Kadugodi to majestic pass through the level crossing. Also 329B and 328H is available from Hosakote to Sarjapura frequently and runs via Varthoor.

3. Carmelram Carmelram railway station is located on the Bangalore-Salem track and the srajapur road bus stop located 5 minutes from the station. Regular buses available to ring road(WIPRO sarjapur road) and towards sarjapur in route no. 342 and G-3(Big-10).

However Bangalore city has only 2 train stopping here: 572 salem passenegr leaving bangalore at 7:15 to reach karmelram around 8:00. The other one is the Dharmapuri Push-pull which reaches city in the morning around 9 and leaves city in the evening at 6:30PM and not suitable for people going to city from office. Yeshvantapur has the Anekal passenger YH-1 departing at 6:30 in the morning from yeshvantapur and 8:10AM from Hosur . the second service YH-2 service in the evening at 3:35PM and from hosur at 5:45PM which is suitable for office goers to return as the Bangalore passenger crosses karmelram at 5:15PM. Train connectivity not very great comparatively but can be utilized .

By utilizing teh above-we can escape the traffic to some extent and also reduce traffic to some extent. Stations have parking facility so same also shouldnt be a problem-What do others say?


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What do others say? I say

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What do others say?

I say roll some of these, like the Bangarpet & Marikuppam ones, into the CRS umbrella so you get a common seperate timetable and stops. Last mile can then synchronize to that timetable.This will be a good inorganic start to the SPV.

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We can inmclude the 8AM

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We can inmclude the 8AM chenai express also. It has got 4 stops in the Bangalore limits and has about 10 unreserved coaches on aany given day. 

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Actually interstates can

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Actually interstates can become rapid trains and stop only at CRS interchanges. In this case people can use CRS till Byappanahali(Benninganahalli) or Bangarpet as its frequency will be more and then catch the Chennai express from there. So rapid trains can skip city stops and save time.

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Add one mor train towards

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Add one mor train towards K.R.Puram


BangaloreCantt kolar pass leaving kolar at 7:15AM reaching cantt at 9:50AM

Kolar bangaloreCant tpassenger leaving cantt at 5:55 reaching kolar at 8:30

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Train no. 2677/78 SBC-ERS

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Train no. 2677/78 SBC-ERS express also has a stop at Karmelram station till 31.12.2010. This train leaves city at 6:15AM reaching Karmelram at 6:47AM. Return he reaches Karmelram at 6:48PM and city at 7:50PM comment guidelines

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