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Railway Budget Disappointing for Karnataka

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Rail Budget 2010-11 from the outset looks good for Karnataka, its  good job done by Mamtha & K H Muniyappa as Window Dressing for Karnataka. PPP model is no finalised & will require Cabinet approval, so nothing will come in next 1-2 years on this.

When SWR is earning 5400 Crore revenue, only 700 Crore has been sanction in this budget. Out of this 500 Crore is due to State commiting to share 50% cost, as state will contribute 500 Crore in this Financial Year. So effectively Railway's own share is only 200 Crore commited on their own for Karanataka. Allocation of amount towards the on-going projects is also bias against Karnataka.

Here are the some of the analysis of the budget with respect  to North Karnataka :

  1. All surveys will not be of any use, as many are of  repeat surveys.
  2. Only  six Trains of benfit to Karnataka : Shimoga-Mysore Intercity,  Duronto to Delhi, Intercity to Thirupathi, Passanger train between Nelamangala to B'lore, Harihar to Kottur,  Gadag to Bagalakot. All other trains are meant only for WB, Bihar, UP.
  3. Piligrimage trains of no use, as they are starting  from Culcutta, Pune & Madurai to Karnatak. Where is the trains from Karnataka to Varanasi, Haridwar, Amruthsar, Jammu, Shiradi.
  4. Bagalkot to Kudachi is good for Karanatak, but budget allocated is only 5 Crore out of required 700 Crore.
  5. Track doubling work is going on from last two years, but budget allocation is only 25 Crore in this year, so we can expect 5 Kms of work to be taken up.
  6. No new surveys of track doubling for Karnataka & no sports complex & Multi Speciality hospital
  7. Trains from Hubli to Mumbai, Hyderabad, Delhi via Gadag & increance of frequency of Sharavthi Express,  Yesvanthpur to Goa,  Passanger Trains between Davangeri to Hubli,  Mangalore to Karwar, Managlore to Hospet,  extension of trains from Mumbai Sollapur to Gadag, Dharwad-Mysore to Bijapur, what happened to these???
  8. Their is no mention of DMU services for Hubli-Dharwad or Bangalore, Mysore to Chamarajanagar. Also EMU could have been started from Ramanagar to Yelahanaka to helo Mysore passanger to catch Flight at Devanhalli
  9. Their is no mention of Local / Suburban Trains  for Bangalore city.


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Secunderabad to Delhi Duronto Express from March 14

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South  Central Railway is starting Bi-Weekly Duronto from March 14th to Delhi. For Karnataka, Rajdhani announced during June'2009 budget is not yet started. One wekly Duronto announced for Karnatak may start after next year Railway budget

Inspite of having MoS K H Muniyappa,  now once again Karnataka  is getting raw deal  & what we are seeing from MoS is an eye wash tactic only.

Now its for CM Yeddyurappa to get the Local Trains ( CRS ) for Bangalore. 


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Muniyappa Please wake up & work for the people

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MoS Muniyappa should see and learn from MoS Ahmed how he is getting the work done for his state, even the previous MoS from TN was instrumental in getting the Salem division carved out with much stiff resistance from the other state & division. Its true that Muniyappa is giving us the eye wash. Wake up Muniyappa,

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A :  Union Minister of State

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A :  Union Minister of State for Railways E. Ahamed flagging off the weekly Ernakulam-Hazrat Nizamuddin Duronto Express on 7th March at Ernakulam Junction railway

He said the mainline electrical multiple unit (MEMU) trains proposed from Ernakulam would begin service by June. The Happa- Thiruvananthapuram- Tirunelveli Express would begin service soon

B : Union Minister of State for Railways K.H. Muniyappa the at inaugural run of the Secunderabad-Hazrat Nizamuddin Duronto superfast Express on 14th March'2010 at Hyderabad

He was explaining that Centre sanctioned works estimated at Rs. 1,248 crore for the State during the next financial year, while the State government had agreed to contribute Rs. 621 crore, taking the total to Rs. 1,869 crore.

Mr. Muniyappa said the SCR would take up works pertaining to MMTS stage II after discussions with the officials concerned of the State government and the Chief Minister

You can see how E Ahamed is taking care of Kerala interest on railways.

Similalry SCR / Hyderabad has got double the funds compared to SWR / Karnataka in this railway budget even when Karnataka has contributed same amount of Rs 600 Crore. If this not step mother treatment, then why do we need sleepy  MoS K H Muniyappa  from Karnataka.

MoS K H Muniyappa is busy  & no time for Karnataka state.

Till today Rajdhani train which was announced last year not yet started and  also State  has  agreed to share 50% cost of Local Train for Bangalore. What MoS K H Muniyappa is  is doing for Karnataka. He will keep on prasining Karnataka state that this is only stat has come forward to share cost.  When it comes to getting funds from Center, Karnataka is completly at bottom. 

Even  to get simple rake for Yesvanthpur to Anekal, state has to fund, but in case of Bihar, WB, TN, Kerala, AP rakes for  DEMU, EMU are funded by Center / Railways.


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(deleted - repeat post)

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(deleted - repeat post)


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