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Bangalore to Whitefield on Pushpulls

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Though my office is in Electronic City, for a new project I had to visit our company's branch office in GRTechPark, Whitefield  for 3 days. This building is next to ITPL.  I had to take public transport on all 3 days  to reach the office  in the afternoons while the drop back home would be provided on the company cab as it would be late in the night.

The first day I took the Volvo bus 335E from Majestic. The ticket fare is Rs.55. The bus was half full , mostly fellow techies like me. The time it took to reach GRTP was about 1hr 15min in the afternoon traffic.

The 2nd day I took the 12:20 pm Pushpull from SBC to Marikuppam (train number 115SW). It departs from platform 5. The ticket to Whitefield is just Rs.4 . I could easily get a seat on the half full train.There were stops at Bangalore cantonment, Bangalore east, Byappanhalli, Krishnarajapuram and Whitefield. After Byappanhalli and Krishnarjapuram, the train was crowded with many commuters standing and resembled a Mumbai local train. Reached Whitefield at about 1:10 pm. From here i had to  cross the railway tracks and reach Kadugodi bus station. Got a Volvo to GRTP, about 2 stops away,the fare being Rs.10

The 3rd day, since I had to reach GRTP only by 4pm, took the 14:55 Bangalore-Bangarpet Pushpull(train 532SW), which also departs from platform5. With the ticket at Rs4, I reached Whitefield at about 15:30 and again took the bus at kadugodu bus station to reach GRTP.

Each train having just 6-7 coaches , they become very crowded after Byappanhalli and KRpuram. If the railways could augment with another 2-3 coaches , it would be more commuter friendly.  By the wayI did notice the trains make unscheduled halts at Sadarmangala and the Railway goodshed which have very short platforms. The railways should introduce more DEMU/Pushpull shuttles and publicise it just like those made for Bus Days.



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Good feedback from Actual User

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You can see only  six coachs of DEMU are provided.  Actual Travell time is less then 60 Minites to  ITPL and cost also is very reasonable.

Here Mr Ramesh  has shared his experience on Yesvanthpur to Hindapur.  This shows  what condition our Citizens travell on existing few of the trains run between Bangalore to nearby places.

Its  high time, our so called State & central  officials and Politicans get into action and provide full fledge services of Commuter Rail. 

Even I have observed on the Yesvantpur to Hosur ( Yh-1 / YH-2 ) are benifiting most of the citizens  travelling to offices.   Now time has come where Crying baby gets milk,  so we Bangalore citizens should manke big noise so that  project gets go ahead.

We need more and more actual users should share their experience of travelling in some of the  DEMU services in arround Bangalore.

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Nice to hear your experience sir! In google transit we were providing the info of trains and people have already started using them. As said by Mr. Sanjeev YH-1 has picked up quite well. Now i feel many other trains also have started getting popular with the office goers-Fantastic! So it is a good sign for us to have a meeting with the Railways and run regular trains to WFD and Carmelram stations from city,yeshvantapur and yelahanka railway stations quite regularly atleast in the office hours


For the Carmelram route we got the SD-1/DS-1 shuttle not existing before but it runs exactly in opposite direction in office hours. Similar is case with Kolar-Cantt passenger train. Both Bangarpet and Jolarpet Expresses run in evening-probably one should run in the morning time too for benefit of commuters. 


Anyway Bangaloreans have started exploring the Rly sections also-Good sign indeed


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The new numebring scheme for

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The new numebring scheme for trains have began today and even passengers have got 5 digit numbers- From that it is seen that Bangalore has got 1 MEMU doing 3 trips and 2 DMU's. the MEMU runs 2 trips(Once in morning and once in afternoon) between Bangalore and Bangarpet and one evening trip between Bangarpet and Krishnarajapuram and back to Bangarpet. Number starts with 6

One DMU runs from Marikuppam in morning and returns in afternoon frm Bangalore-No trips after that from Bangalore

The other DMU runs between Chik balapur and Bangalore-leaves Dharmapuri to reach Bangalore and leaves Bangalore to Chikballapur in morning-return it runs via Bangalore back to Dharmapuri-numbering starts with 7

All other passenger trains have been numbered 5 i.e using the normal rakes. The Hosur Yesvantapur and Yesvantapur devanhalli have been given numbering with zero indicating they are still specials(06591/92 ,06593/94 and 06595/96)

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Pls help me with Karamelaram/Bellandur-Yeshwantpur/Chikkbanavara

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Hi Bangloreans,

I wanted help to travel to Yeshwantpur/Chikkabanavara from Bellandur/Karamelaram station and back on a daily basis.

I am not getting much help from irctc. Can you let me know how to do we do this?




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From Yeshvatapur following

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From Yeshvatapur following are the trains available to Carmelram/Bellandur road:


Train No.           Dep at YPR              Arr at Carmelram

06591                  6:20AM                        7:15AM

06593                  3:35PM                       4:27PM

56242                  4:05Pm                       4:58PM

16527                  8:00PM                        8:44PM


Return                    Dep at CRLM             Arr at YPR

06592                     8:43AM                         9:50AM

06594                      6:19Pm                        7:20Pm

56241                      9:13AM                        10:45AM


For more info refer



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Some express Trains can be used from Karamelaram to YPR

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Hi Naveen,

One express train can be used along with above Trains :

Departue                     Dep at CRLM             Arr at YPR

16528                           5:45AM                            7:15                                                                          & then take passanger trains towards Tumkur / BMTC Buses

Return                          Dep at YPR              Arr at CRUM

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