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Bangalore Bus Routes

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There has been a lot of discussions going on about the many bus routes running in Bangalore which is one of the main point for not using a bus.

The existing bus routes may be many but the same are not confusing. A proper analysis reveals the area wise classification of bus routes. The buses in a series may be single suffixed or double sufixxed but there is a common point i.e they will follow a particular route and in case of a deviation will have a particular destination. This is with respect to the blac board or red board routes of Bangalore.

Another point which can be noted is whenever there is a deviation we can always see another route No. displayed below the actual route No. indicating which route the bus is going to take.

Eg: 363-372 all buses go on Bannerghatta Road and will atleast touch Bilekahalli. checking out with route No. 364A it has mention of 25E below it meaning it will follow route of 25E till the point it meets Bannerghatta Road(Jayadeva). Similarly 343-362 take Hosur Road. But buses like 343B,348G,356Q have a mention of 25A below it meaning it will take the route of 25A till it meets Hosur Road. (silk Board)


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How do find the route?

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 You know all these routes... How do someone find out these routes and timings? BMTC has been saying for many years that the new website will have the route information. If someone can find this information in then thats great. 

Unless route search work, dont expect (many) techies to take the bus. If there is route search, things will change dramatically.

It is interesting that the current running Praja vote on BMTC also does not list "Inability find the bus route and timings"  as the possible cause. [I bet that is the number one cause]. 


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Well this being the case

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Well this being the case again I am posting my analysis of the bus routes("G" Routes being the Big-10 routes). This is the overview of the bus routes that are runing in Bangalore City operated by BMTC.

There is one way by which we can understand bus routes of Bangalore especially red board routes. Just my analysis of the various red boards . Going clockwise:

Kanakapura road: 211-217 going atleast upto Jaraganahalli/Yechanahalli(G-5 corporation to Kaggalipura)(215C,D,E,H,M,Y,CA via Jayanagar 4th block and J.P.Nagar 1st phase)

Mysore Road: 218-234 going atleast upto rajarajeshwari nagar gate(G-6 Shantinagar bus stand to Kengeri Satellite Town)(222D,M via Banashankari and Uttarahalli)

B/w Mysore road and magadi road: 235-239 wil go atleast to chandra layout via MCTC

Magadi road: 240-249 series go atleast to Sunkadgatte(248 via Vijayanagar to sunkadgatte)(G-7 Majestic to Gollarahatti)

Tumkur road:250-265 series  going atleast to Jalahalli cross.(G-8 BRV Parade Ground to Nelamangla)

B/w Tumkur and Bellary road: 266-275 series going atleast to Mathikere/Kuvempu circle(276 follows same but go via New BEL road and not mathikere)

Bellary road(Towards Doddaballpura): 277-289 series towards Doddballapura and 297-299 series towards Devanahalli touching atleast hebbal. 401,402,404,406 going to Yelahanka satellite towns(278's and 279's turn at Ganganagar to Bhoopasandra/Nagshettyhalli. Buses from Shivajinagar come via R.T.Nagar to Hebbal)(G-9 BRV parade Ground to Yelahanka)

Nagawara Road: 290-292 series(G-11 Corporation to RK Hegde Nagar)

Hennur road: 293-296 series going atleast to Lingarajapuram(G-12 Indian Express to Bagalur)

Devanahalli Road: 297-299 series going upto Chikkajala

Banaswadi road:300-301 series atleast to Banaswadi

Kammanahalli: 302 series

Old madras road: 303-319 series all except 314 series going to K.R.Puram. 314 goes to BEML/CV Raman nagar/DRDO.Also 380-383 series go to K.R.Puram/hosakote(G-12 Trinity Circle to K.R.Puram)(Note: 319's go to ITPL via K.R.Puram)

Old Airport Road:320-339 going atleast upto HAL(G-1 MG Road to Kadugodi)

Sarjapur road: 340-342 series going atleast upto Agara(G-3 Mayo Hall to Sarjapura)

Hosur Road: 343-362 series going atleast upto Madiwala(Silk board if the bus comes via Jayanagar BTM like 343B,356Q,348B,348G etc.)(G-2 Brigade Road to Electronic City)

Bannerghatta Road: 363-372 series going atleast upto Bilekahalli.(364 series except 364G and 369,run via Jayanagar to Eastend and then go to Bilekahalli)(G-4 Brigade Road to Bannerghatta National Park)

The circle is complete.


 Black board:

1:Jayanagar to Yeshvantapur via Gandhi bazaar,market

2 series: Majestic to J.P.Naga 1st/6th phases

3 series:Jayanagar to Hanumanthanagar

7 series: Jayanagar to Indiranagar

11-14: Banashankari bus stand

15series: K.R.Road

16-20:Jayanagar 9th block


24E,25E,27E,:J.P.Nagar 3rd phase

28,29:J.P.Nagar 6th phase

30-32 series:N.R.Colony/thyagarajanagar

33,34 series: Hanumanthanagar

36,37 series:Srinagar/Girinagar

43-45 series:Hanumanthanagar

60-65 series:Vijayanagar

75 series: malleshwaram to vijayanagar

90-94C: Yeshvantapur

95-96series: Kamalanagar via Malleshwaram circle

98,99:Malleshwaram 18th cross


107,108 series:R.T.Nagarand Ganganagar


129:Majestic o shivajinagar


140-146:Vivveknagar/austin town

150:Market to Shivajinagar

161-166:Dairy Circle(Except 164)

164-165 Adugodi

168: Tavarekere/Jai Bheema Nagar

169:Jeevanhalli to Kurubarahalli via Shivajinagar


176:Kaval Byrasandra/RT nagar to Vijayanagar via Vyalikaval,malleshwaram circle

180:Kaval Byrasandra to K.H.B colony via Yeshvantapur

181:Jayanagar to Bheemajyothinagar via market

182:shivajinagar to padmanabhanagar

183:Shivajinagar circle via market,kathriguppe,Jayanagar

189:J.P.Nagar 3rd phase to Mahalakshmi layout

 190:Srinagar to jeevanbhimanagar

For Ac bus routes visit So now I think atleast 50% problem is solved and on seeing a bus u know which bus will be going on which road and which bus can go to your area.

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Good Job, ss87

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The summary for bus routes above should make things very clear to most BMTC users. In fact, I think you have captured what BMTC should have posted on their web-page in the first place.

I also note that you have maintained the volvo route descriptions up-to-date on wikipedia. Awesome ! You are a true praja sevak - & I think we need people like you on praja.

Unfortunately, there are some who fail to understand or do not make the effort to try to understand & complain, & for them, this should be of great help.

The next problem to tackle is frequencies & first /last bus times. This information alone might be sufficient since one can figure out when the next bus is likely to be.

Keep up the good work !

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Thank you. Regarding first

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Thank you. Regarding first and last buses generally as far as I have noticed all important buses towards/from majestic have their first bus at 4:00-4:15 and the last service at around 23:00-23:30. However once in 365A(Haragadde-Majestic) the conductor was telling about a 2 AM service of the route. The ring road services start by 5:15-5:30AM and go upto 22:15-22:30. The black boards like 29,60,7 etc start by 6AM and end around 22:00. However frequent a bus may be the early morning/night services freuqncy ranges about a bus every 30 minutes once and generally one bus keeps shunting. And generally they run non-stop as no one will be boarding in the intermediate stops.
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Volvo 373G

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Volvo 373G: Srinagar-->Hanumanthanagar-->Jayanagar-->BTM-->Silk Board-->Electronic city

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Can we get the timings of the routes please ?



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Excellent bus route finder - by a citizen

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Very easy to use Bangalore bus route finder

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