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Bellandur - Varthur wetland encroachments

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The saga of encroachments and land grabbing on Bellandur lake is very painful to say the least. Its a prime example of how a historical waterbody has been turned to waste just because of human greed. Land grabbers are the worst of the lot who first encraoch and then 'create' paperwork for that land. I hope govt gets into the act to punish the violators severly asap.

However there are a few observations from that area..below is an image of the bellandur-varthur wetland area which acts as a connection between the two lakes, it seems to be systematically violated..

The points in question are the ones marked in yellow above. These two areas have been encroached as we speak.

Below is the latest picture of the same area:

Here is one more view from the hosur railway tracks

This needs to be stopped immediately and sanity restored to the water body.

There can be a lot of planning which can help restore this place. There can be a park which can be put up here with the water canals running through it. Or a mini forest can be built here

If we as humans want to survive we need to stop this act of greed immediately and make changes for the better immediately. comment guidelines

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