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Bellanduru lake fires are becoming so common that there are jokes about it in the city and the NGT 'raps' the govt for not acting on the problem is becoming like what the SC gives every summer to the  state govt over  cauvery...NO ONE IS INETRESTED TO SOLVE THE PROBLEM!!!

Its common sense that a simple fence draws boundaries and is needed not just between countries but everywhere else too. This is exactly the elephant in the room situation when it comes to Bellanduru.

Everyone is talking about everything but this simple solution..they are talking of  STP for all appartments, check for industries which are polluting , even giving up the maintenance to the army etc..all involving lot of money!

Instead a simple solution to properly survey that Bellanduru- Varthuru valley and build a proper FENCE !

This will immediately make the lake system off-limits for anyone who is letting their pollutants into it and put a stop to all the encroachments and the land grabbing happening there every day... .

It is very visible why politicians are not doing this and raise a hue and cry when there is an issue of frothing or fire..this is because there is big money involved in it..

For example, the prestige tech park has visbly land grabbed the raja kaluve there...they were able to do so because it was easy for them and there was no boundaries stopping them..

So the first thing to do is BUILD A FENCE..

The same is the issue with the land grabbing and encroachments that are happening every where in the city and state. The gomala land, like the one where 'TATA PROMONT' is being built is because they were not marked with boundaries.

Hence hope that the authorities start looking above their selfish motives and protect these public spaces with a good fence everywhere!!
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