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New Rajdhani train to Delhi

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A new tri-weekly Rajdhani Express commenced its maiden run between Bangalore City and Hazrat Nizammudin on Friday (March 26). ... from Bangalore City at 8.20 p.m. will reach Hazrat Nizammudin at 5.50 a.m ... run on Fridays, Saturdays and Tuesdays and reach Hazrat Nizammudin on Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays ... run via Shri Satya Sai Prasanthi Nilayam, Gooty, Dhone, Kurnool Town, Mahbubnagar, Secunderabad, Kazipet, Nagpur, Bhopal and Jhansi to reach Hazrat Nizammuddin ... leave at 8.50 p.m. and arrive at Bangalore City at 6.40 a.m. on Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

Its good for Bangalore, as Summer vacation has started &  now citizens can travell comfortably to Delhi. It was long pending demand of Karnataka.




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Operational now

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The new train is now operational. I was at City station yesterday night and witnessed the departure of the train on its inaugural run. Due to the model code of conduct, no formal inauguration was carried out and it was a low-key affair. Occupancy was around 25% due to poor publicity, but I am sure this will pick up soon. Catering and hospitality staff were in full force.

This also marks the last train for Karnataka in the 2009 budget. Now, the trains announced in the 2010 budget remain to be inaugurated.



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One more train still pending

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I think  MoS Shir K H  Muniyappa has missed the chance t oflagg of this Rajdhani train

Aslo we need to observe the effect of this Rajdhani  on  Flights from Bangalore Delhi.  As earlier  Rajdhani was  not thier on Friday and Sat  weekends. Now with weekend services available, I feel flights between  Bangalore to Delhi, Bangalore to Hyderbad and Nagpur will have some negative effect

One more announcement of last year budget Mumbai to Karwar train extension to Mangalore is still pending, let  us see  when  this will be done.

Also Yesvanthpur to Anekal & devanhalli  local trainwas promised by Shri K H Muniyappa during 1st week of Jan'2010, still no dicsussion on this.

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Rajdhani was there before

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Wasn't the Rajdhani train already there before ? Sometime back (end Aug-09), my family had gone to Hyderabad & we had tried to book on the Rajdhani which was the best option, but could not get seats on it. So, they had used the Kacheguda train.

Is this a newer train ? Or is it the same train with increased frequency ?

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Navven, This is new one and

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This is new one and it will run three days a week.

Train No : 2493 is new one which will run on Tuesday, Friday and Saturday.  As one takes this on Saturday Rakjdhani to Delhi, they  will reach Monday morning  6 am, which is most suitable time go directly to office or  for  trainings.

Also  in return from Delhi, this Rajdhani will help the passangers travelling to Bangalore. As this will run on Sunday,  Wed and Thursday.

Alway their use to be waiting  list with 90 days of advance booking. Now this will help the Passangers to large  extent.

Earlier Train No : 2429  was running on  four days a week only and serivce was not available on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday.  Now with new Rajdhani,  service will be available all 7 days a week so that passangers travelling to Delhi, Nagpur, Hyderbad will not face the hardship


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However the enw trains runs

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However the enw trains runs in shorter route. But timings are allotted similar to 2429/30 only. Trains via Kurnnol generally run 11 hrs between SBC and KCG and Sampark kranti just takes 10 hrs for the strech. So raj takinng 11 hrs for this strech doesnt llok justifiable. comment guidelines

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