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Local Trains vs Circular Rail For Bangalore

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Analysis of  last three months discussion and media briefing by Shri MoS K H Muniyappa and CM Yeddiyurappa  shows  that MoS is favouring Circular Rail and CM is talking of Local Trains similar to Mumbai.

Now we will see one more round of study by SWR / Railways for Circular Railway and wasting time on this. RITES study on  Local Trains is not considered by MoS K H Muniyappa and no one is talking of this.

Do any one have the details on Circular Rail what MoS K H Muniyappa is talking.  We from Praja need  to do some serious work so that both proposal Local Trains and Circular Train services are sanctioned for Bangalore.





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Local/suburban train started

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Things have already started moving in the right direction for the local train case: http://www.deccanherald.c...

Quite surprising that this was low key and not much publicised. It remains to be seen how the momentum is sustained. What is needed now is increase in frequency of these trains, else they may not be of much use a "public transport" option.

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Look at the timings of the

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Look at the timings of the YPR-Hosur train schedule. It closely follows the schedule of  the existing Bangalore-Salem passenger in the morning and evening. So at that time we have a train to Bangalore from Hosur and another to Yeshvantapur which is a good move. Hovewevr I feel the stops must be increased and more trains can operate at regular intervals in this way. We also have a Bangalore-Dharmapuri passenger whose timings have also not been publicized to great extent.

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Yalahanka - penukonda railway line

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This was one of the project proposed by one member earlier. But i donot agree with this as there is already a line serving yelahanka & Penukonda. There is a proposal from railways to electrify this line also.

Instead I suggest, linking Tumkur with Hindupur a short link missing, which facilitates people from westren karnataka to go to Puttaparthy. The only link for these  people in westren part of karnataka is tthrough Bellary / Guntakal. OR via bangalore. The Tumkur - Hindupur line will provide a shorter and quick travel to all.


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