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About Public Complaint Management Systems

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I just happened to create a single link for  online complaint systems for Bangalore utilities. Just to make it at one place for me to start with. Even though it is not user friendly, it brings all complaint forms together. 

Request prajas to use if found suitable. I may put some more effort if someone wants improvements.With my trial complaints with BBMP I learned following: (I have indicated this in earlier posts somewhere, but I repeat)

  1. If you post complaints which effects to you as a person , household the complaint will be attended immediatly. Example: Lifting garbage which is illegally dumped in front of your house, rainwater clogged in front of your house, you want DDT to be sprayed in front of your house. On the contrary, if your complaint has a scope of entire community it has less chance of attending. For example : You say footpath repair needed for 6th cross, mosquito problem in your area etc. This may require different path , like,  working with your corporator.
  2. If your complaint is targeting your neighbors (who dont care about neighborhood) then there is chance that it may not be taken easily. It seems they think it should be resolved by mutual discussions or fighting :) Even a BBMP staff indirectly suggested a fight :)
  3. If your complaint involves multiple departments and requires co-ordination, then there is a chance of delayed action, un-coordinated action, no actions at all . Mostly tasks will be made as ball games and blame games.
  4. If by chance, your complaint involves complex things and requires action from an individual ( example BBMP assistance engineer, BESCOM junior engineer), complaints will be almost IMMEDIATLY closed once they give you the respective individual/office contact number. Probably this is to avoid interference of complaint managers in their "business"(Yes , you guessed it right. It may be waiting for your donations).

Some more points may come out if others can share their experiences.  

Few tips while filing complaints or calling:

  1. Note down date and time when you call.
  2. Ask for complaint number. I would suggest you to complain via internet, because some systems give you complaint number immediately, while telephone helpdesk may not provide you the number unless you demand. Some internet based systems provide you updates regarding status via SMS or you check via internet again. If you did not get the complaint/tracking number you are lost.
  3. Get the name of person whom you talked.
  4. Try to call number which belongs to your area. If you call central numbers, it will take more time to reach.
  5. Ask for date and time when action will be taken, who is going to attend, their contact numbers. 
  6. Ask if any contractor is involved , ask them to instruct contractor well.
  7. While complaining, be specific. Give your correct address and directions. Some people have difficulties in finding you, even they work for your area !
  8. Leave your mobile number with them. Many times if they are unable to contact you, your complaint will be kept pending with status "Waiting for customer" or similar status.
  9. Try to be present physically and mentally when your problem is being attended. Else there are chances of eyewash :)
  10. Finally, dont forget to reward acknowledge good work done, after all they are human beings ! :)


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Complaints site

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Good facility.

Please check BSNL site as I got Chennai telephones instead of Bangalore when I tried.


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Today I opened my own link to create a complaint, but see that the complaint forms for BBMP, BTP(Traffic Police), BESCOM and ELCIA(Electronic City). All of these of organizations are not even able to keep their complaint system up and running, even for 6 months. So its very hard for someone to depend on these systems. Bad, bad...

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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BWSSB also joins the club !

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 Today when I tried to register a complaint, found BMMP complaint system also down. What a nice co-ordination between govt. organizations ! :)

I got this error message :

The webpage at might be temporarily down or it may have moved permanently to a new web address.

" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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bescom too

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Bescom website is also not working.


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Very nice complaint

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Very nice complaint collection system; this should be a permanent, prominent link on the praja site's page along with RTI faqs / form-filing, ward information, agency contact (enquiry / call center) information et al.

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   You arre correct about our feudal complaint system.  People threw out inefficient Dharam Singh government because it was ruled by corrupt Babus. We hope for some improvement freom Kumrasway government but again the Babus ruled. Now with BJP in power the babus are ruling with politicians fighting. We call bangalore as knowledge city and the internet based com plaint system does not work because BABUS fear written system and numbers.The politicians must show some intitiative like Raji Gandhi did when he introduced computers, colour TV against Babus wishes and today Railway computer reservation is due to him.

Greatness lies NOT in never falling but in rising everytime we fall.

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As usual, when I checked complaint pages for few organisations stopped working. I did little more search and updated links today.

I think complain help-lines and forms work better than direct call to local authorities. Due to following:

a) For Registered complaints Work Instructions(WI) come from top

b) Registered complaints  have tracking (with ref. numbers)

c) Registered complaints  are visible to higher authorities

d) Registered complaints give accountability to the efforts put by local authorities.

e) Registered complaints help to build statistics for management

f) Registered complaints help to follow-up

g) Registered complaints will help build case. For example if you have registered a number of complaints for same cause, at later point, you can build case and use case for RTI.

Hope this helps.



" My mantra to public bodies=> Enable->Educate->Enforce. Where does  DDC  fit?"
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I was trying to add Lake Development Authority

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But there is no contact information like phone, fax or complaint system. But still you can see address at and probably when they update phone numbers you can view there. Good luck !

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