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BBMP Thunder

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We have several violations taking place and they have to be "attacked" by BBMP on the spot. But I guess, BBMP's vigilance dept does not have such "striking" force (not sure). If this is the case, may I suggest a powerful, mobile "BBMP-Thunder" force. Somewhat similar to BMTC Sarathi / Bangalore Police Hoysala?


Major scope of these BBMP-Thunder would be -

Major -

a) Ilegal digging of roads for cable works

b) Ilegal digging of roads for water connection sewage

c) Ilegal laying of overhead cables by cable-walahs

d) Major vandalizing of BBMP properties

e) Validting the building plans vis-a-vis actual construction while WIP on ground


Minor -

a) Vandalising by posters

b) Garbage dumping in non-designated public places

c) Debris dumping


Other supportive task to help BESCOM/BWSSB/BDA(On charge basis - if got a case, charge BESCOM/BWSSB/BDA)

a) Electricity theft

b) Water leakage

c) Sewage leakage


Such force should have high level of authority and should be "clean"(not to be corrupt themselves)


I will update this document as I think further in depth. Feel free to add your thoughts.. If such idea is promoted by many Praja's I will create a full fledged "project" as we did for DDC.





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Ok I will stop it for time

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Ok I will stop it for time being. I see very "weak" signals from Prajas :-D

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